Read aloud ePub conversion case study


The client was a renowned German Publisher who was looking for ePub conversion services for children’s book. He had a huge volume of work to be handled. In fact, he was producing nearly 300 children book titles, annually, which were in German language.


The client needed assistance of an expert team for handling a German book conversion task with read aloud properties being embedded in the newer versions. Besides, he wanted the embedding of more enhanced class of features along with adequate narration.  The client was finding it unfeasible to carry out the task in-house as the cost of production was high and activities were getting delayed; they needed to gain more pace in the market.  Reorganizing things or further expanding by adding more in-house people, training them and waiting for things to happen appeared to be a long, tedious process.

It was our track record of success in the fixed layout ePub conversion domain and our expertise in handling various digital conversions that made the client feel confident about out services.

The requirement in this case was to convert hard copies into MOBI and ePub formats. They needed an IDPF-certified team following proper quality control processes. We were selected by the client as we were IDPF-certified. Also, our team was adept at providing typesetting services and it was crucial for them.

Before initiating the work, the client asked for samples of previously-completed projects and we furnished them with the same.


Numerous challenges were associated with the project. There is no direct ePub to audio book converter available; everything has to be done manually, although software applications do assist. The very first thing was that working on fixed layout ebook conversion and producing files that demonstrated read aloud properties needed higher proficiency levels. The volume was huge and different features including zooming, bookmarks, thumbnail navigation, text search, and dictionary linking had to be incorporated.


As we do in all other cases, the very first thing was to study the client business, the requirements, and the client’s expectations in detail. Based on the learning made, we handpicked best professionals having the needed skillset and formed a team to work on the project. A quick discussion session was initiated and the project manager explained all factors associated with the work to be carried out. Our target was to produce the best results at the minimal ePub conversion cost.

We were able to deliver remarkable eBooks with customized illustration, audio and video files, and images. We ensured the highest level of accuracy while highlighting the words while they were being read. Readers were given complete control with regard to the handling of the audio file based on their preferences. Readers were given the option to simply choose the automatic page turning facility as the narration advanced and also to turn the sound on or off.


We achieved the perfect synchronization of text and audio. This is, in fact, one of the most crucial aspects when and our expertise as an exceptional eBook to audiobook converter helped us to assure great level of precision. The background score provided from the client’s end was perfectly incorporated in synchronization with the text and the narration audio. The base language was German and our professionals put in the needed attention to deal with the silent words in an accurate way.

Using most specialized techniques, we were able to deliver the best digital conversion services to the clients. For any assistance, you can reach us anytime and we are even ready to work on a free sample for you, with no cost or obligation attached to it.

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