3D character animation services for a gaming company


A famous American company that has been developing game content for over a decade approached us with an extensive requirement of top-notch 3D animation services, which they needed for the upcoming game they are currently developing. The client required our animation experts to create an array of animated expressions for numerous characters used in their game.

Client requirements

The client was seeking an experienced 3D animation agency that can craft top-notch, precise facial expressions for a plethora of characters which appear in their game. They needed to get the expressions for several emotions based on how humans act, react and behave in similar situations. The client has informed us that they were in talks with several other professional 3d animation companies as well.

However, we won the project to ourselves based on

  • Our display of expert knowledge and creative minds of the in-house professionals we have.
  • Our rendering of a variety of photo-realistic animatronics that we created as a sample before taking up the whole project.
  • Along with the sample we made, we also arranged a 3D presentation incorporating various three dimensional animation projects and assignments we had carried out in the past.
  • We were also able to offer competitive pricing for unmatched quality levels that we promised to the clients, in the light of the previous projects undertaken by us. 


Though we as a professional outsourcing company for 3d animation services we had tremendous previous experience in delivering top-notch 3d character animation services, we knew this particular project will not be a walk in the park due to the fact that we had to accurately catch precise human emotional response.

We faced the following challenges

  • The client was extremely keen on getting the expressions as much accurate as possible and they had a team to educate their requirements pretty comprehensively; so nothing less than best illustration design could be delivered.
  • The game being developed by the client had several male and female characters from different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds and ethnicities, and hence, we had to come up with unique expressions for each of them resonating with their character traits.

As we wanted to give the best output for the client, we came up with a client-specific strategy considering the requirement and the levels of quality expected by the client. We carried the task out by following the steps mentioned below

  • Our partner team constituted of 4 members out of which one oversaw the complete tasks carried out by the entire team and also kept in check the quality of the project.
  • The team also interacted with the game-development team in order to understand any aspect when they needed clarifications.
  • All the workstations assigned to carry out this project was fortified with the latest software so that the animators could create, edit and make any changes required effortlessly. 

The Result

The project was delivered as per the timeline mentioned by the client and the client was profoundly satisfied with the commitment, quality levels and dedication we exhibited throughout the execution of the project. Factors which resulted from outcome of this project are given below

  • All the expressions created were exact replica of human emotions and all were life-like.
  • We were also chosen as the primary associate of the client to carry out several other 3D animatronics projects of the clients.
  • As we helped the client save about 48% percent of their costs, the client became one of the most trusted and top-billing clients of WinBizsolutions in no time.


The client happily opined that, the logo created by us creativity and exactly represented their brand values. They got beyond what they expected and the accuracy was 100%.  The same was their opinion in regard of the other marketing materials that we designed.

Impressed by the services we provided, they even outsourced us their client’s work and the association is still going smooth and strong. Additionally, they even referred us to others.

We emphasize a lot on innovation and this helps us to stay separated from others in the industry through our remarkably creative services. Want to know more? Reach us right now!

Hire top-quality 3D Animation Services from WinBizsolutions

If you would like to associate with us and make use of our unparalleled experience, uncompromised quality consciousness and exceptionally creative animating prowess of our staff, talk to us now and outsource animation services requirements of yours to us. As a comprehensive 3D animation services provider, we are equipped with everything to meet every requirement you will ever have. We stay affordable; our character animation, illustration and graphic design pricing etc. are quite reasonable.

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