3D furniture design services for a home décor company

Who was the client?

One of the leading home décor businesses in Australia contacted WinBiz Solutions to create furniture models for their eCommerce division. The client required us to create models for all the furniture items in 3D which they would use as per their requirements to entice customers. As an experienced 3D modeling and rendering company, we were really confident about the project.

What were the requirements of the client?

The client tasked us with either recreating the models in its entirety or converting the furniture into 3D. We were also requested to share with the clients the final drawing before rendering the same.

The following were the demands:

  • WinBiz Solutions was required to offer 3D product modeling service for over 1150+ images every month as per the project specifications of the client.
  • Each model needed extensive enhancement and correction through appropriate lighting and texturing. After this, the products needed to be rendered carefully matching the specifications.
  • The client wanted the models to be rendered in four different formats such as Environment, Silo Dimension, Silo, and Vignette.

What were the challenges faced by WinBizSolutions?

As expected, we faced a myriad of challenges while we prepared to create 3D furniture models as mandated by the client.

The major challenges can be listed as follows:

  • The dimensions of the models were not shared sometimes
  • Some of the samples shared with us were not detailed enough
  • Occasionally lighting and texturing specifications were lacking

Though these challenges made the execution a little more strenuous than we expected, we did deliver the work on time and with quality. Our team went out of the way to thoroughly understand the Time-saver Standards so that they could understand the dimensions of the models along with its utility and ergonomic nature.

How WinBiz Solutions met the challenges?

As we looked at the project deliverables, we understood that a streamlined approach to the project was the key to successfully execute the same. As such, we began with establishing a reliable system for file exchange to download the SKUs and it helped us create a unique workflow to carry out the correction process as needed, as well.

Since there were more than 1150 models to be taken care of every month, we introduced additional 3D modeling, texturing and lighting professionals having extensive experience and expertise in various design software programs such as 3D Studio Max, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

This ensured that the clients got spotless and custom3D modeling services just as they needed.

How did the client benefit?

By associating with us for the project, the client was able to save heavily on the cost of acquiring talent and investing in extensive 3D modeling software programs required to carry out the project.

As the client was able to get the models quicker, the turnaround time was effectively reduced and it meant that they were able to display number of products online. The client also placed the models in diverse environments and they were able to improve their sales considerably.

For us, it was a learning experience about an industry that we were not much deeply involved in and by the end of the project, we became extremely competent to carry out the requirements of the clients with ease and poise.We were also able to learn and comprehend about various trends that prevail in décor and furniture industry when it comes to 3D furniture modeling.

Hire WinBiz Solutions for impeccable 3D furniture models

As one of the most prominent and experienced companies offering affordable 3D furniture modeling services, we can professionally meet all your requirements without fail.

If you want the best hands in the industry to support you with its faultless 3D services, you can contact our client support team, now.

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