ePub conversion services for a publishing house in Europe


We were contacted by a reputed publishing house in Europe who had published countless books in varied genres. They were a well-known name in the industry with more than 10, 000 books already published in various formats.


The company found us by searching online and were initially convinced by going through our website. They approached our eBook conversion company with hard copies of nearly 50 books on occult science and parapsychology. There were nearly 25, 000 pages and they were looking forward to digitize the books so as to make them accessible online and thus read worldwide.

Actually, the requirement in this case was to convert hard copies into MOBI and ePub format. They needed an IDPF certified team following proper quality control processes. We were selected by the client as we were IDPF certified. Also, our team was adept in providing typesetting services and it was crucial for them.

Before initiating the work, client asked us samples of previously done projects and we furnished them with the same.


Client provided us books in hard copy instead of digital version. So, we had to type the whole matter into digital format. Additionally, proofreading and copy editing were to be done.  Converting 25, 000 pages in 30 days was the real challenge. Above all, the client was on tight budget.  However, they promised that bulk works were in queue and this was something exciting for us.


First of all we analysed the available resources and infrastructure with us. Without delaying we sorted out the best breeds capable of doing this specific task excellently. We entrusted the task upon 4 experienced resources solely for this project. Instead of opting to type word by word, the team used OCR technique for converting the printed materials into editable word files.

All 50 books were carefully proofread and copyedited by our experts to ensure that no errors were there. After that the word documents were converted to ePub and MOBI formats.  All through the process, our quality control team kept on checking whether everything was in line with WinBizSolutions predefined benchmarks and global standards. Post to epub conversion services, we also carried out typesetting for ensuring that clients can easily republish the books whenever there is a need.


We were able to complete the project in 25 days. Our team attained the preciseness level benchmark of 95%. After the project of conversion and eBook formatting services was done, client intimated his satisfaction and testified his gratitude by offering us eBook conversion projects on a regular basis. The company is yet another addition to the band of our satisfied customers.

WinBizSolutions offers impeccable quality services. Our digital conversion rates are most reasonable and for every customer we ensure precisely customized solutions.

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