WinBizSolutionsIndia is a reputed Digital Prepress service provider that offers you professional typesetting services for your requirements. With vast experience in the prepress sector, we have the core expertise in multilingual typesetting services with which you can benefit from the top-notch formatting for your documents. You work with a highly experienced team with core expertise in typesetting and prepress services in creating print-ready files for you.

We help publishers create and convert interactive ebooks enhanced with images, texts, animations, and more. It will also be enabled with external links to social media websites and other engaging sites. In addition, with our service, we help you get excellent typesetting and cover designs for your ebooks.

We undertake the typesetting services for Books & Journals that would help you with utmost perfection with a thoroughly professional approach to portraying the theme of the content. With many years of experience in the sector, we strive to adhere to the best practices in terms of typesetting. We accept manuscripts of all formats to transform them into a print-ready form. In addition, our team adheres to the standard formatting guidelines to ensure good formatting consistency throughout the document.

Our service is inclusive of

  • Manuscript conversion

    We have conversion specialists who convert your manuscripts in MS Word, PDF, or other formats to get you the high-quality output that you can quickly view on any gadget.

  • Graphics conversion

    Have graphics in your manuscript? We can transform that into eye-catchy visuals to insert into your ebook.

  • Quality Compliance

    Our team of experts will work on your documents to get through the quality check, which would be utilized to check for the overall quality and accuracy of the paper.

We Offer typesetting services for the following categories

  • Journals

    We specialize in typesetting books and journals in every field and are experienced in understanding the finer points of traditional typesetting. Our experts are well-versed with updated technologies to help you optimize your journal for modern readers.

  • Magazines

    Keeping pace with ever changing needs of the readers we leverage industry leading tools, and resources to publish different magazines. Adhering to all the strict formatting guidelines we help you get flawless publishing.

  • Scientific, Technical and Medical Books

    We help you in publishing scientific, medical and technical books easily so that you can spend less time preparing your work for publication and get more time doing the research that drives society. With excruciating attention to details we have assisted many clients in every phase of the book publication process

  • Academics

    Our top-notch online typesetting services ensure consistency between hyphenation, letter spacing, and word spacing which ensures perfect outcomes.

  • Cookbooks

    Our experts can help you create, format, distribute and publish cookbooks and make an amazing impression on your audience. Layouts, placements, paginations, texts won’t bother you anymore.

  • Travel guides

    Our professional typesetting services can assist you in creating well-structured travel guides with proper content, and design formatting. We focus on employing original designs with high resolution images.

How do you benefit from us?

Our designers help you gain innovation and creativity in your document with our prepress solutions. In addition, we help you with the formatting of your manuscripts and much more.

  • Typesetting & Composition

    We have an expert team of multilingual typesetting professionals to craft the print-ready formats from Word docs or other hard copies. As a digital conversion services company, we have a wide array of publications, including complicated layouts, multi-environments, drawings, and a lot more.

  • Innovative Formatting

    Our skilled team of creative designers and experienced editors help you in crafting a visually appealing and compelling layout for your publication. With the prepress services, we help you get a well-illustrated and highly formatted eBook as an output of our illustration services that differentiate you from others.

  • Media Rights & Permissions

    We help you get the media rights and permissions for your publications if needed. We extend the gratitude of our typesetting support by consulting with various publications to get your doc free from security breaches in terms of length, language, or geographical limitations.

  • Proofing and Testing

    We have had the core expertise in typesetting and prepress services for many years now. Hence our skilled editors have the potential to identify and resolve the errors in terms of text, images, interlinking, or layout. In addition, our professionals work on different platforms to ensure you get the desired output.

Our Approach to Typesetting Services

We strive to maintain a user-friendly and straightforward workflow that enables our clients to find it easy and comfortable working with us. As such, different stages in our workflow for our delivering prepress solutions are quoted below

  • Stage 1: Gathering the business requirement from the client
  • Stage 2: Documentation of the blueprint on how we can help
  • Stage 3: Content creation with the help of the best tools
  • Stage 4: Content Proofreading to identify and resolve the errors
  • Stage 5: Pass it on to quality check to detect the accuracy of the information
  • Stage 6: If it gets through the Quality Check stage, then it will finally deliver to the client

On the whole, our process workflow can be defined as Identify and document, Create and Design, Develop and Assess method to ensure you get the best output for your needs.

Outsource Typesetting Services to us

We have core experience in text formatting services. As one of the leading professional typesetting service providers, we cater to a range of ebook conversion services, ebook formatting, and other prepress services required for your publication. We exclusively help authors or publishers in meeting their typesetting requirements with ease. With many years of experience in the industry, we have sound knowledge in converting physical docs into electronic format.

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