wedding video editing support

About The Client

The client is a famous event management company based in the UK. The company has a team of experienced videographers who specialized in delivering all styles of wedding video shoots and post processing support.

The Requirement

The company was looking for an external vendor to support them in post-production because of overflow of projects. The client was also looking for a reliable video editing company that could provide them with efficient wedding video post-processing outsourcing support.

The client had already contacted several companies, but was highly unsatisfied with the level of support that they received. So when they found us finally, they asked us to edit two trial footages. Our video editors refined the two footages in the best possible way, adding captions, highlights, special effects, and transitions. The client was amazed at the sample videos that we provided and decided to sign up with us.

The client handed over 100 raw footages of 4 different wedding events to us and asked us to edit them by adding unique effects so as to create unique final versions of 4 different weddings. These were the backlogs that the client needed us to clear as the clients’ customers were pushing for a faster completion.

The client was looking for smooth transitions between scenes, final versions of superior quality, perfect fixing of blurry and shaky footages, perfect story-flow, complete synchronization including multi-camera synchronization, and ideal monitoring angles. Most importantly, the client wanted all these footages to be edited within a span of 1 month.

Project Challenges

The client wanted us to address his specific requests that called for the deployment of specific arrangements from our side. The client provided us files in diverse formats such as MTS, MXF, and MOV and wanted us to deliver the edited, final versions.

The client also demanded the use of the latest version of video editing tool in order to generate high-quality outcomes. The client wanted all the exported and raw files to be backed up regularly and shared with them, which in turn, demanded high-speed internet connectivity.


We first ensured that we assembled an entire project team within a span of 5 days. The team consisted of 7 video editors who had experience in editing different types of event videos. We assigned the most experienced video editor of our company to lead this project team. Before initiating the project, we trained the team so that it could address the unique specifications of our clients.

They maintained specific structures and sizes for the folders and refined the low resolution files. We used the latest workstations equipped with modern hardware and graphical abilities and all the systems were connected via a centralized server. We saved backups. We used user-authenticated FTP path to exchange files with the client in a secure environment. We assigned a quality supervisor to oversee the quality of the refined footage before they were shared with the client.

Once the client approved the refined footages, we merged joined them together, adding the best transitions and special effects that could add uniqueness to each of the four final wedding event videos.


We could complete the project 2 days before the deadline and the company was extremely happy with the quality of the outcomes that were provided to them.

The company’s clients were extremely satisfied with the videos that we created out of the several raw footages. We offered a competitive price, which allowed the company to benefit from a high profit margin. The client could add these videos to their already existing portfolio and was able to boost their business further.

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