Today’s age is driven by the digital landscape – no doubt that whatever we do with hands-on experiences, the same can also be recreated digitally. The educational sector is also moving in line with the digital scope, wherein physical books have a copy of ebooks and videos.

When we say videos, it plays a key role in transferring information from one person to another. People love to watch videos rather than read long-form texts.

Let us feature one such success story.

About the Client

The client is an educational institution based in the USA that wanted to cater to the students and professionals for the upskill programs and other training programs. The client was completely relying on the physical schedules, where onsite training was conducted fortnightly for different batches of students and professionals. With covid dominating the world when corporates go virtual, education being catered virtual, the client wanted to top the list in becoming one of the leading training institutions that help you upskill and grow.

The Challenges

Being in the educational sector, the client was used to conducting offline classes and training sessions that required hands-on experiences. The sudden transformation of the digital learning horizon was challenging for them. Hence, they were on the lookout for converting the live classes into videos and upload on the YouTube channels.

Some of the challenges they faced include

The video production was quite easy for them as they would record the live sessions and convert them to top videos. But the major challenge was in terms of making it a professional video output that would comply with YouTube. Their other challenges were:

  • Huge time constraints and a high budget for video editing to get it published
  • Lack of proper knowledge of the latest video editing tools and techniques
  • Poor engagement with the videos

As a professional video editing company, we offered them a free trial to edit one of their training videos to ensure that the output matches the client’s expectations.

When we went through the raw videos, we observed:

  • branding aspects were missing in the final outputs
  • the video was not impressive and attention-grabbing
  • background music and sound chores were not there, which made the video a little dull

Hence, we understood this and suggested changes in the raw inputs to convert them into the most professional ones with our video editing solutions.

With the best practices of video editing, we implemented the following aspects in the raw videos:

  • Video stabilization, wherein we removed the shaky portions from the video and developed a professional output.
  • Lighting corrections to make the video look bright and awesome
  • Music and sound effects make the video lively and good to watch.
  • Cropping the unwanted portions from the video so that it becomes more professional.
  • Noise removal distracts the user from the core of the video.

The Result

With our YouTube video editing support, the client could release more professional and high-quality educational videos on their Youtube channel that helped them with good engagement and views from the target sectors. The client was able to manage the burden of the digital landscape with classy videos and grab the audience’s attention with eye-catchy visuals.

As a result, they could release more upskills programs and training sessions virtually with a very good engagement throughout the course.

Hear from our client

We were in a chaotic situation when we could not utilize the videos we created. Hence, we tried editing it but ended up with a lot of time and energy being wasted. Finally, we decided to associate with a video editing agency that would help us. That’s how we reached WinBizSolutionsIndia, and the way they communicated and convinced us was awesome. They also offered us a free trial, and we were happy with the output. Excellent work is still on the go because we have continuous videos to be rolled out for our courses. And on top of it, we have also lifted our brand in terms of digitalization with lovely YouTube videos. Thanks to the WinBizSolutionsIndia team for their enduring partnership.
We are overwhelmed!

Maryn Moscow, Education agency, North Carolina, USA

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