Regarding professional video stabilizing services, WinBizSolutionsIndia is the most trusted name on the global forum. We have a hub of creative minds that create brilliant visuals from which you can’t keep your eyes off.

Our edited videos can captivate the viewers, and we can say this without a doubt!

Our video stabilizing experts can improve irregularities, shaky footage, blurriness, or any imperfections hindering your video from getting more business. We have delivered the most successful projects up until now and are still counting. When it comes to a project, we work with utmost perfection and deliver satisfactory output.

Talking about the work portfolio, we have a very strong one. We believe in delivering high-quality videos in the most stabilized manner possible, removing all the imperfections and making them look flawless.

Our video editing services are not only limited to stabilizing work, as we also provide video editing help when required for reducing noise, performing lens distortion correction, hand jiggling, removing camera panning, and more. We provide an inside-out solution.

Video Stabilizing Services at WinBizSolutionsIndia

We provide a complete solution to your raw footage, making it look most alluring. Our services include

  • Dynamic Motion & Blur Correction

    While capturing a video, some swift movements or certain fast changes in the scenes may lead to blurriness, and the whole look and feel get spoiled.

    But our subject matter experts understand this part well and provide a 360-degree solution to it. We try to reach the maximum satisfaction of our clients by correcting the blurriness and providing non-distorted and highly tuned footage.

  • Smooth Motion

    Every video created for a purpose should be without any halts or irregularities. This might distract the viewer from the information you want to convey. Hence we provide the best smooth motion services that eradicate all the distractions, keeping your message intact in the most smooth manner.

  • Noise Reduction/ Video Denoising

    This process includes reducing or total removal of the noise, which is considered a hindrance to video stability. We work screen by screen to reduce or remove the unwanted temporal noise.

  • Video Stabilization/ Stabilize Shaky Footage

    This part covers all the elements of video stabilizing, i.e., imperfections related to visual quality, Stabilize shaky video footage, hand jitters, camera shake, smoothness issues, and more. We work on every part in a step-by-step process, and we leave no stone unturned in making the video look amazing.

    We use the most advanced technology and some scientific methods to get the corrections done for our clients. All the unintentional motions are removed to achieve the desired results as per the client’s brief.

  • No Motion

    In case of too much disturbance in the video clips, we work on removing all the points of camera motions from it to give the most refined version. Usually, our editors opt for no motion wherein a part of the prime subject lies within the frame so that we can very well analyze the range of the footage.

  • Multicamera Transition

    The use of multiple devices for creating a video can sometimes come up with irregularities and imperfections, especially when shot with a smartphone.

    But we’ve got you covered in that, too, as our experts work on this part very well and make your visuals look smooth without flaws and properly stabilized.

    This process also includes the cuts on the low-quality captures and the eradication of all the shakiness from the footage.

  • Timelapse Correction

    Time-lapse videos as we know them today as the most captivating among all the formats in the industry. And when there is something so beautiful, it also has some issues that a viewer can easily detect. This is where our time lapse correction service comes into the picture.

    We can make your jumpy or shaky time-lapse footage look smooth and coherent without losing any quality. This is quite a tough road, but our experts are skilled in that they can deal with everything to get you the best of the videos.

  • Precision Distortion Correction (FOV)

    The name is very technical indeed, and so is the correction process, but only professionals know how to get it done.

    Field of View (FOV) is a process of dealing with the visuals captured with certain cameras that come with a built-in autofocus mode, especially the wide-angle cameras with a fish-eye lens.

    These lenses may sometimes increase the distortion center and center of the image, which leads to the decline of distortion accuracy. The unprofessional clips come up as an output.

Our Video Stabilizing Services Process

  1. Step 1: Project Details & Discussion

    This step is the first and foremost of all, and in this, we sit as a team with our client to have a round of discussion to understand what our clients demand from us.

    Also, during this briefing, our experts give suggestions to them to generate the best results. This type of brainstorming brings the most unique and creative ideas to work upon.

  2. Step 2: Transfer of Raw Files

    Once we are done with the discussion, we ask our clients to share the raw footage on which they want us to work, and we provide them with the most secure way of file transfer FTP- File Transfer Protocol.

  3. Step 3: Allocation of Duties

    Once we have a full brief of the project and raw files with us, we move on to allocating the correct resource to the right work for them. This allows us to work in the most streamlined manner, keeping errors at bay.

  4. Step 4: The Video Editing Process

    This is the fourth step of our process, where we start working on the raw footage to stabilize and make the necessary edits and bring out a professional version. This is quite an extensive and the most important step of our process.

    Our team works hard to match the client’s expectations and deliver exactly what the brief says.

  5. Step 5: Multiple Quality Check

    Once we are done with the visual edit part, the final output is first checked within the team for more improvements if required and later sent to the client for feedback and revisions.

  6. Step 6: Storing & Final File Transfer

    The last stage of our process includes storing and transferring the final output once we get a good-to-go signal from the client. The transfer is made via a secured transfer protocol to maintain data security.

We have a list of video editing services, which we have listed below.

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