CAD Conversion Services

CAD or Computer Aided Designs are the mainstay for AEC industry. Development of compelling 2D sketches and 3D models in seamless manner can be accomplished with CAD conversion software. At WinBizSolutions, we offer you the competitive edge with our CAD conversion services.

Why you should go for CAD conversion?

  • The process is not tedious and error prone like manual designing and drafting
  • Database of building components is preserved by CAD system which can be invoked later on for making tweaks
  • Incorporation of building standards and construction specific guidelines in the plan becomes easier
  • Designing can be carried out with an impeccable degree of accuracy
  • Designs can be modified with ease when requirements arise
  • Easy sharing of designs promote collaboration among various user agencies
  • Drawings can be outputted in desired file formats so that they are compatible for viewing and sharing with readily available CAD viewers
  • Designs can be modified on one’s own without requiring intervention of draftsman
  • Models and drawings offer 360 degrees insights into the project which allows for easy identification and rectification of the issues
  • 3D modeling, 3D walkthroughs, and 360 degree virtual tours can be created expeditiously
  • Paper drawings can get atrophied with time due to attack of pests, mold, or because of adverse effect of the elements; CAD converted drawings never suffer from such drawbacks and can be maintained for infinite period without deterioration in quality

WinBizSolutions helps you in getting converted the architectural drawings plotted on paper into CAD formats. Once the drawings are drafted in 2D model in CAD, we can easily convert the same in 3D models. This would facilitate them to be visualized and simulated for various projects.

Why choose WinBizSolutions?

WinBizSolutions  provides affordable and high quality Computer Aided Designs conversion services.

Our proven expertise lies in:

  • Converting paper, pdf and scanned drawings and plots into fully editable and searchable CAD plots
  • Manually redrafting in Computer Aided Designs to seamlessly accomplish the conversion from raster based or paper plots
  • Working on conversion projects of any scale
  • Adhering to the international standards of conversion
  • Deploying seasoned CAD experts who are conversant with conversion of drawings precisely
  • Catering to the needs of different engineering verticals like structural, civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical and ship fabrication
  • Delivering converted drawings in multitude of formats like .dwg, .dwfx, .dgn, .acis, .dwf etc.
  • Maintaining highest degree of accuracy and quality in conversions

Services offered by us

We offer an extensive array of Computer Aided Designs conversion services to meet your various needs.

Our prominent offerings include but are not limited to:

  • CAD drafting services
  • CAD Vectorization Services
  • CAD Digitization Services
  • Components and assembly designing
  • Migration of CAD Services
  • Editing DWG files in the DGN format

Our methodology – the cad conversion process

At WinBizSolutions, we have the right blend of experience and expertise to convert drawings to Computer Aided Designs in the exact manner in which you desire. We can work with all engineering, technical, architectural, archive, map system, and schematic drawings. Just send us your requirement and we would deliver the output in the format you may look for.

Consultation stage

We would understand your expectations and seek information about your drawing type and format in which the outcome has to be delivered.

Quotation submission

Based on the extent of work needed for you project, we would prepare an estimate of cad conversion services cost and submit it to you within a day. Once we receive your explicit consent, we would set about working on the project.

Offering feedbacks

As the assignment progresses, we would offer you insights into the completed phases. We respect your feedback and change requests. If you would need any alterations to be incorporated, we would gladly do the same. All revisions are free of charge and would be done promptly.

Delivery of converted file

As soon as the project is completed, we would intimate you about the same. Once you clear the final payment, the converted drawing would be handed over to you in the desired file format. We assure you that all our project works adhere to the highest standards of quality.

You can rely on WinBizSolutions for:

  • Optimally performing CAD files
  • Slashing of expenses related to handling of manual drawings
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity
  • Better control over individual components of the drawings
  • Complete confidentiality of sensitive data shared with us
  • Accuracy and reliability of the output
  • Accuracy of information related to various layers
  • Editable texts and line formats
  • Scaling of maps as per the exact dimensions which can be tweaked accordingly
  • Associative hatch patterns
  • Standard symbols and blocks of components
  • Highest quality of converted drawings
  • Adherence to the committed deadlines

WinBizSolutions is a mainstream CAD conversion company which has catered to the needs of many prestigious clients. You can seek references of our past works and we would gladly share the same with you to convince you. Our CAD conversion and migration tools are state of the art and cutting edge which help us generate the outcome in highest resolution and quality. Our understandings of drawing lifecycle helps us do perfect justice to your assignments including the toughest of cad conversion projects.

Get in touch with us, our dedicated team of experts will provide you with the necessary support