HDR photo editing services for photography service provider in UK


The client was a premium service provider in UK with main focuses on video production, 360 degree virtual tour and photography services. They worked for a wide array of industries including construction sites, real estate, hotels, resorts and tourism companies.


Some sudden inflow of projects made them to think of outsourcing. Client was in quest of a reliable company to assist them for their image editing requirements including removal of flash from some files and bending with HDR techniques. There were nearly 75, 000 raw images to be worked upon within 15 days. Most of them were snaps of properties and hotels across UK and US. Level of editing needed was different. We were contacted by the client as we had done a lot of similar and even more complex projects.


There were a few challenges specific to this real estate HDR image editing project. Firstly, the quantity of images to be edited was huge. Nearly 75, 000 images in 157 folders were there. The files from clients end had to be sent to us through secure FTP protocols. We had the most advanced equipped but as the file size was really huge, a lot of time was needed for completing the download. Normally, it takes minimum 20-25 minutes for editing an image and client wanted the work to be delivered within 15 days. As the downloading speed was less, customer feedback was being delayed. All these stood in front of us as a big wall of hindrance. But we knew that we would make a way out.


WinBiz, as a customer friendly photo editing company did a trail editing and waited for client response. They were very happy and the whole project came our way. As soon as it got confirmed, we initiated an internal meeting and selected 15 highly skilled resources. They were briefed the project requirements and approaches to be taken. A project manager was allotted specifically to the project so as to bridge the gap between client and his project.

We removed all flash from the pictures using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom followed by blending them with HDR blending techniques. Right from the starting of work, our Quality Control team assured that the processes were in line with global standards. After the project completion, time was spared for the QC people to check all the images which reassured accuracy.


We completed the project before the agreed deadline and with great quality. Client was delighted with the HDR Image blending service offered as we surpassed their expectations and benchmarks in regard of accuracy and all other criteria.

If you have any similar projects to handle, our photo editing professional team can take up the project. We have always availed best services and our experts strive to continually better their skill sets.

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