When it comes to photo editing, plenty of tools and techniques are utilized to improve the photograph’s appeal. Every minute thing can be edited and enhanced so that the entire image looks delightful and alluring. A post-processing technique that is extremely popular for this purpose is the clipping path.

The clipping path technique can be implemented with any image editing software and usually operates through a pen tool. In this article, we’ll take the instance of the Photoshop clipping path since Adobe Photoshop is the most preferred photo editing software in the industry and is liked by many. Various photographers, image editors, graphic designers, and animators use it for performing a wide range of edits.

You will also find companies offering clipping path services. However, before you use the technique for your photo editing projects or outsource the job to a company, you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge about the concept, and this article will help you do it.

What is a Photoshop Clipping Path?

A clipping path is a photo editing technique that allows you to isolate an object from the background. It is carried out with image editing software where you use a pen-like tool to create an outline. The area outside the outline path is removed while the inside area is retained.

The technique is usually applied to the subject of 2D images to either remove an object or wrap text around it. Depending on the efficiency of the photo editor, the clipping path may result in smooth or hard edges of the picture.

Some may argue that the Magic Wand tool can also be used for the same purpose. Well, it’s true in a way. However, there’s a slight difference between both the tools. It’s a fact that each tool will produce a different result, which means you’ll have to choose the right tool depending on the photograph or your needs. Below we’ve discussed what a Magic Wand tool is and when one should use it.

Types of Clipping Path

Different types of clipping paths can be applied to an image depending on the requirement and complexity. A few of the major clipping path types are discussed below:

  • Fundamental Clipping Path

    Image Background Clipping

    In this cut-out cycle, the editor removes the photograph’s foundation and replaces it with the white one. Besides, the diagram of the pictures is created with the help of a Photoshop pen tool.

  • Medium Clipping Path

    Food Photography Clipping Path

    It is similar to that of the fundamental cut-out. In this case, the photo editors remove many items from the picture. The items which are removed mainly possess regular bends.

  • Complex Clipping Path

    clipping path image

    The perplexed cut-out way is utilized for the pictures with several unpredictable or compound shapes. It might possess an excess of 10 shut ways, inserted straightforwardness, and delineating ways.

  • Overly Complex Clipping Path

    Image Clipping

    Here, the image editors try to maintain the shape of the subject, just like the way it was. They mainly use the technique on pictures with numerous compound shapes while working on different bends, ways, and openings.

As we all know that the main purpose of clipping paths is background removal. However, it’s not the only purpose. Now, let’s discuss a few other applications of the technique.

Application of Clipping Path

Clipping path techniques have numerous areas of application. It has helped many professionals to gain numerous benefits for their business. The different areas in which the clipping path technique is widely implemented are:

  • Background Removal

    Product Background Removal

    As we have mentioned before, background removal is one of the main applications of clipping paths. It can help to cut the target object and separate it from the background. Furthermore, the object can be placed on a good background to make the pictures more attractive and presentable

  • Color Correction

    image color correction

    Multiple clipping path techniques are used for color correcting the pictures. You can separately choose each color and make the needed improvements.

  • Web Image Optimization

    Image Clipping

    Before uploading the images online, you need to optimize them so that they can load seamlessly on any website. By using Photoshop clipping path, you can create perfectly optimized photographs that can bring better results for your business.

  • Garment Industry

    Garment Photo Clipping

    The garment pictures are usually taken by professional photographers in the studios. Despite that, it also needs to go through the post-processing process before it goes live. In that case, editors can use clipping path in Photoshop to cut the subject and place it on white backgrounds.

    Apart from that, the technique is also implemented to eliminate creases or stain from the clothing. It will give the images a flawless look and can help in attracting more customers.

  • Products Photo Editing

    Product Image Editing

    The clipping path technique is also used for improving various product pictures like toys, ornaments, or electronics that are showcased online. It is one of the best ways to achieve higher sales. The following corrections are done with this technique.

    • Images of varied sizes are edited to gain a uniform look.
    • Different angle views are created for each product.
    • The color is set right to make the products look bright and beautiful.
    • Unwanted objects and flaws are removed.

Now, let’s move to the various industries that mostly employ the clipping path technique.

Industries that Use Clipping Path

Many industries use the clipping path tool to make their images appealing. It is mostly used by companies that primarily use pictures for marketing their products and services.

Now, let us discuss the different industries that use the clipping path services.

  • Real estate and Architecture

    The industry strongly runs on visual ads. So, editing and retouching images is an important part of this sector. In the same way, clipping tools, as well as other tools, are used to carry out a wide range of photo editing.

  • Fashion

    The fashion industry also widely implements image editing for its business. Whether it is a garment, accessory, or model, all images need to look perfect and 100% genuine. This can be achieved with the help of a clipping path tool.

  • E-Commerce

    E-Commerce sites heavily rely on clipping path services to attract customers. The edited pictures play an important role in gaining the audience’s attention. With the clipping path tool, you can create product pictures that are worthy to display online.

  • Web Development

    Good quality images can make a website look attractive. In order to achieve it, you can use a clipping path. The technique will help you to create high-quality website images that not only impress your viewers but turn them into your customers.

  • Photography

    Photo clipping services are also used in the photography domain. Be it an individual photographer or photography studio, clipping path can help to achieve image clarity and make it error-free. It will also help you to meet the varied requirements of your customers.

If your business belongs to any of the above-mentioned domains and you are unaware of employing the clipping path technique, then here’s a suggestion. Try outsourcing! However, make sure that you choose a good service provider for the job. Continue reading why you should invest in a good clipping path company.

Why Choosing a Good Clipping Path Service Provider is important?

Choosing a good outsourcing partner can effectively save your time in the long run. Apart from that, it can also help your business to cut down costs. However, please note that this section is only applicable to those who do not have prior experience in employing the clipping path technique.

Here are some of the potential reasons why you should invest in a good service provider.

  • You can get your images edited faster and in the most attractive way.
  • Tasks will be most probably handled by professional image editors.
  • You can significantly win over more clients and attract potential customers.
  • Doing it yourself will require more time, while outsourcing won’t.
  • You can save money on hiring resources for the specified job.
  • Chances are your images will stand out from your competitors.
  • Your assets will be safe, and no one can use them without permission or compensation.
  • Meeting important milestones with much easier with their assistance.

Tips to Choose the Right Clipping Path Service Provider

Since you’ve understood the importance of employing a service provider, you may be confused about where to start and how to find the right one. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Cost: The first thing to do is check if the clipping path services fit your budget. Make sure to check out the pricing structure and see if the company website has mentioned prices or offers a discount on bulk orders.
  • Payment: Make sure to check out the payment options. Contact the service provider and know the method of payment they accept. If it is convenient for you, do not hesitate to go for it.
  • Quality: Along with saving money, the quality of outputs is equally important. To choose the best one for your business, compare the work styles of various service providers. For this, you need to contact each service provider and observe their samples.
  • Turnaround time: See if the company can offer faster turnaround time. It is especially important for those who want outputs within a very short time.  Also remember that some may charge additional fee for quick turnarounds. So, make sure to confirm that too.
  • Reviews: Checking reviews of the company before outsourcing is a good practice. Apart from checking their testimonials and quotes already available on their site, look out for the third-party review sites. Google, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, etc., are some trusted review checking sites.
  • Questions: We have also prepared a list of the various questions you can ask. Make a note as it will surely come in handy.

Check if they use the process of automation or carry it out manually. Clipping paths, when done manually, can help to identify the minute details in photographs.

Companies offering free trail are more trustworthy. If they offer a free trial, make sure to use it and test the quality of their work.

Enquiring their quality checking process will ensure that your outputs will be of the best quality.

Do not choose a company if they do not guarantee satisfaction. A good outsourcing company should always keep their customers happy and satisfied with their services.

The image quality standards have increased with time, and now, the internet only requires the best quality pictures. Using clipping path techniques can help in achieving the same and can significantly multiply your sales prospects.

Outsourcing can be a bit difficult in the beginning, but once you have chosen the right clipping path service provider, the transition will be seamless and beneficial for your business. It will also take the load off your shoulders and save you time, thereby letting you focus on other important jobs.

Despite the clipping path technique being pretty straightforward, trying it out on critical projects would be unwise. In that case, relying on a professional outsourcing service provider will be the right thing to do. Besides completing your project in time, these can also help in saving your time and money in the long run.