WinBizSolutionsIndia is an Indian based company specialized in offering an amazing class of image enhancement and editing services with the most reasonable rates in the industry. Having equipped with skilled professionals and extensive experience, we have never failed to meet any requirements of our clients, no matter how complex or odd they were.

One of the main traits that separate us from others is the provision of our tailor-made photo editing services we provide for each industry. We serve to a fleet of customers hailing from really varied niches. Regardless of the industry nature and the project type, we are committed to delivering results par excellence. Few among the top industries in which we serve include:

Industries We Provide Photo Editing Support for

Let it be image enhancement, clipping, blending, stitching, cropping or any other editing requirements, we can help the clients with every need under one single roof.  Hence, clients can outsource all their photo editing needs to us and we will take care of the rest. Check out some of the important industries or business sectors who utilize our photo editing services to the maximum potential.

  • E-commerce

    We have a specialized team of photo editors who are qualified and skilled enough to enhance the product images for the e-commerce industry. The top-notch images we produce can help various clients to impress potential buyers which can later result in increased sales and growth of the business. We serve a variety of industries such as media, advertisement, apparel, jewelry, real estate, etc.

    Techniques we Use
    • Background removal
    • Photoshop shadow effect
    • Product photo cleaning
    • Image Cropping, Scaling, and Resizing
    • Eliminating unwanted elements
    • Reduction of noise and grains
    • Removing camera defects and poor lighting
    • Image color correction
    • Neck joint or Ghost mannequin effect
    • Clipping path
    Services we Offer
    • Electronic products photo editing
    • Jewelry image editing
    • Automobile photo editing
    • Food photo editing
    • Stock photography editing
    • Sports accessories photo editing
    • Apparel photo editing
    • Furniture product image editing
  • Apparel

    We provide high-quality and customized apparel photo editing services to help various online clothing stores to display the clothing photos in the best way possible. We can improve the look of the images by bringing out the charm which results in more sales and profits. Our photo editors are efficient in handling every clothing photo editing needs of the clients to deliver outstanding results.

    Techniques we Use
    • Brightness & contrast adjustment
    • Image straightening
    • Image masking
    • Ghost mannequin
    • Unwanted accessories removal
    • Color correction
    • Masking of images
    • Image Clipping Path
    Services we Offer
    • Wedding dress photo editing
    • Casual dress photo editing
    • Formal apparel photo editing
    • Coat and pant image editing
    • Suit and Tie Photo Editing
  • Automobile

    Having years of knowledge and experience in providing vehicle photo editing services, we are highly qualified to deliver outputs that exceed the expectations of the clients. We efficiently customize the project requirements according to the client’s request and use our automotive or car photo editing services in order to create images that are clear as well as visually attractive.

    Techniques we Use
    • Background addition/ removal
    • Noise reduction
    • Brightness and contrast adjustment
    • High-definition image creation
    • Ground retouching
    • Removing or adding watermarks
    • Addition or removal of stickers
    • Removing scratches, dents, glares, etc.
    • Photo clipping
    • Color cast removal
    • Photo retouching
    • 360- degree view creation
    • Vehicle color enhancement & modification
    Services we Offer
    • Car photo editing
    • Automobile spares image editing
    • Editing the interior parts of the vehicle
  • Sports

    With the help of our sports photo editing services, we have helped global clients by creating stunning and appealing images that fit their specific project needs related to the sports industry. We offer a wide range of sports image retouching solutions which can cater to the needs of different business verticals like media and magazines, photography studios, Publishing offices, etc.

    Techniques we Use
    • Image smoothening & sharpening
    • Hue and saturation correction
    • Curve & level adjustment
    • Background correction
    • Brightness & contrast adjustment
    • Photo and color enhancement
    Services we Offer
    • Fitness photography editing
    • Sports accessories editing
    • Sports portrait retouching
  • Portrait Studios

    We provide a wide range of portrait editing services to professional photographers that are of exceptional quality. By utilizing our advanced software and techniques, we can make the images free from various imperfections to increase the appeal of the portraits. Hence, clients can outsource their portrait retouching requirements to us to receive the best portrait enhancements for their projects.

    Techniques we Use
    • Shadow creation/ elimination
    • Portrait color & exposure correction
    • Color correction
    • Airbrushing Services
    • Portrait restoration
    • Background removal/ addition
    Services we Offer
    • Self-portrait photo editing
    • Fashion portrait retouching
    • Wedding photo editing
    • Sports portrait editing
    • Family portrait photo editing
    • Skin Retouching Services
    • Baby Photo retouching
    • Beauty portrait retouchi
  • Real Estate

    With the help of our professional image editing services, clients can give a new look to the residential or commercial properties in order to attract potential prospects to buy or invest in their properties. Our amazing team creates appealing photographs of the architectural interiors and exteriors that facilitate easy sales and hence, offering more profits to the clients.

    Techniques we Use
    • Real estate picture improvement
    • Still image improvement
    • Outlook amendment
    • White Balance Adjustment
    • Object Removal/ Addition
    • Background Enhancement/ Replacement
    • Blurred Images & Lens Correction
    • Image Density Adjustment
    Services we Offer
  • Publishing Firms

    We provide customized photo editing solutions to various publishing houses by creating meaningful images that perfectly aligns with the content. The images that we produce are attractive and of exceptional quality that grabs the attention of the readers and turns them into customers. Hence, we play an important role in the success of various publishing firms by improving their sales.

    Techniques we Use
    • Photo retouching & enhancement
    • Image restoration
    • Photo clipping
    • Enhancement of colors or lighting
    • Smoothening or sharpening of images
    Services we Offer
    • Enhancing images of books
    • Print or e-magazine image editing
    • Image Editing for Periodicals
    • Newspaper photographs enhancement
    • Photo retouching for academic materials
  • Medical

    Our expert image editors optimize the images according to the client’s need to provide clear and quality images that can be used for the accurate depicting of information for diseases, research works, medical instruments, patient condition, etc. For this, we use advanced software tools by adding extraordinary effects to the medical images for increasing their appeal.

    Techniques we Use
    • Adjustment of colors and exposure
    • White balance maintenance
    • Creating animation and graphics
    • Grains and noise elimination
    • Image manipulation
    • Addition of special enhancement effects
    • Medical photo retouching
    • Adjustment of lens flare
    • Cropping and resizing medical photography
    • Adding white or transparent background
  • Manufacturing

    We have a team of experienced photo editors who possess the required knowledge and skills to develop high-quality images that can help various clients to improve the sales of their manufactured products. We have been offering excellent image editing solutions to different manufacturing industries by showcasing a clear overview of their products and services to potential customers.

    Techniques we Use
    • Color cast removal
    • Cropping or composition of images
    • Correcting photo density
    • Change or removal of background
    • Image clipping &improvement
  • Education

    Our photo editing solutions also cater to the needs of various educational institutions and e-learning platforms for enhancing the reading and learning experience of the users. We help clients by producing high-definition images that have the outstanding quality to attract potential students to the respective institutions or e-learning sites which can lead to further benefits of the organization.

    Techniques we Use
    • Maintaining hues and saturation levels
    • Conversion of black and white image to color
    • Whitepaper enhancement
    • Elimination of unnecessary objects
    • Color correcting of images
    • Eliminating water marks
  • Advertising & Marketing

    Our photo editing services are used by various companies for improving the growth of their organization by providing outstanding images which can be used for digital marketing and advertisement. We make sure that the promotional images we create are stunning and extraordinary that perfectly displays the company’s product or services to attract more customers.

    Techniques we Use
    • Correcting lighting and contrast
    • Adjusting shadows and highlights
    • Removing dull background and objects
    • Scaling, resizing, and cropping photos
    • Saturation level adjustments
    • Adding illustration or artistic effects
    • Removing unwanted spots, labels, or watermarks, etc.

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