We consider ourselves a creative, versatile and responsible photo editing company; hence we assign best of the breed resources to make certain that the quality level of our services is top-notch and of international standard. We strive hard to provide high quality services at affordable prices that any business, irrespective of their size of operations, can avail. We as a professional photo editing Indian company, often wander out of the way to create relevant image editing solutions that always exceed all expectations of our clients. As happily called the quality-obsessed lads, our quality is not the outcome of mere chances, but rather a conscious conclusion of collective efforts of our staffs and the stringent and result-orient quality improvement methods in place for all photo editing projects we undertake.

Each and every project undertaken by WinBizSolutionsIndia goes through several quality checks and measures to get the best outcome possible, every single time. This is one of the major reasons we fare as the most preferred image editing company in the industry with a large posse of happy, returning customers.

Our guiding principles when it comes to quality

We abide by a set of well-defined ethically fuelled principles. Unlike most of the companies availing photo touch up services out there that jump to a project when they are approached by a client, we take our time before, analyze the requirements of the clients, see to it that if we have the right resources and technological infrastructure to carry out the project and the time-frame the clients is able to let us have to complete the project. If only we are content and confident that we can carry out the project the best way possible for the client within the deadline, would we undertake the project.

We respect the requirements of our clients and if we are not able to give the best the client deserve, we would pass it gracefully.We have some of the most modern and advanced image editing suites and photo enhancing programs that make us the best in the business. We also know that the technology that backs us up is only as good as the talent using the same. Hence, we have the best talents in the industry that are able to take advantage of the latest image editing tools and techniques in ways and means only the most experienced and focused experts can.

The quality checks that we have in place are relied on by everyone carrying out any task, but it is not limited to image editing alone. We ensure high quality customer relationship and at every interaction that we have with our clients.

Quality process at WinBizSolutionsIndia

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, all the projects that we commence undergo a series of quality checks to ensure that they meet the standards that we have in place. The standards we set are of international level and we take sufficient care to ensure that every project is able to reach up to that level, as well.

Following is the flowchart of the processes that our projects undergo at WinBizSolutionsIndia;

  • Determine the consistency and potency of the image editing process
  • Ascertain the average efficiency of each editor at WinBizSolutionsIndia
  • Realize recurrent errors by documenting and emphasizing on critical performance metrics
  • Carry out random quality checks regularly to ensure every task meets the desired standard
  • Make sure that each work is accurate and precisely progresses as per the requirements of the clients.
  • Ensure completion of the work as per the timeframe agreed upon
  • Check to  our client feedback and integrate client’s requests and suggestions
  • Keep the client in light about the progress of the project and the quality adherence efforts of WinBizSolutionsIndia.
  • Final evaluation of the image enhancement project and quality check against the requirements of the client.

Constant training programs on quality

At WinBizSolutions, our photo editors are given constant training programs regularly to understand various quality standards and norms to adhere to the same while undertaking the project at every phase of the execution.

Quality at WinBizSolutionsIndia

Like we have asserted previously, quality at WinBizSolutionsIndia is a confluence of serious and committed endeavors of the editors, quality analysts, the management and the technological infrastructure that we have in place. We consciously strive hard to bring in unimaginable quality levels to each and every project we undertake.

We understand that we are all human and human errors are possible and we are not a pack of defensive professionals. If there is any error, we will gladly rectify it and will place new methods to assure that it never happens again.

If you are in the lookout for a reliable, top-notch image editing company with the right attitude, experience and technological background to outsource image processing requirements of yours, talk to us now.