Image enhancement for London based studio


The image enhancement case study sheds light on our service provision to a London based studio that needed photo editing and enhancement to be done in a unique style.


The customer is highly reputed and had a huge bulk of images to be enhanced and processed on a daily basis. They regularly snap portraits of a varied subjects that include children, nature, properties, animals and foods etc. The customer required us to edit different types of photos in different predetermined ways. In addition to it, they were too particular about quality and punctuality in image enhancement and editing services.

We were meant to accommodate the increasing requirements from customer’s end based on their fluctuating workload. Also, our team had to stay adhered to their preferred working style.

The Solution

We are adept in making the best use of sophisticated photo editing software programs and by which we have always succeeded in meeting expectations of studios, real estate companies, advertisement agencies and freelance photographers. Our company also has proper and proven quality control processes in place.

As the customer was associating with us for the very first time, we started off by providing them a free trail. During the process, we learnt about their expectations in regard of working style and quality parameters. As expected, they were happy with the way we executed things and outsourced the high-end photo enhancement project to us.

Initially, they contracted out only a part of the project. After availing services from us for 3 months, they were impressed enough to outsource the complete photography post processing works to us.

We framed separate teams of imaging editing professionals for different types of photographs to be edited. Work was allocated in a systematic and strategic manner to these teams.  We succeeded in processing nearly 500 images per week. What impressed the customer the most is that we processed and delivered back every set within 24 hours most of times and this was something really exceptional that many fail to do.

Our services were provided at reasonable rates with quality and within shortest turnaround time. We were fast in adapting to the specific style guide demanded by the customer.


The project is ongoing and the association continues. We got yet another loyal and satisfied customer. They have huge plans ahead and is looking forward to associate with us for those as well.

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