Our Client

Our client was a Norwegian sports and outdoor photography firm which, along with several of its associates, partners and suppliers, offers photographs taken from the elite and junior class in Norway.

Requirement of the client

Our client was required to offer their customers perfectly processed photos that were of top quality and affordable. The client needed to significantly reduce the cost of production in order to retain the client base which would otherwise make different arrangement for similar products. While our client had in-house resources to meet the requirements, the cost and time were always a major problem that added to the overall expenditure of their production considerably.

This situation prompted them to outsource the project for the first time and the client needed us to

  • Offer services on time at affordable costs so that they can offer the same to their clients at competitive rates.
  • Ensure that the quality specifications and requirements are always met
  • Never exceed the budget constraints given by the clients

Challenges faced

In order to meet the newer challenges, the client sought the help of WinBizsolutions who has already created a space in the sphere of outsource industry by offering world class service proposition and tailor-made solutions to clients from across the world. The project team comprising of experienced image editing experts carried out a detailed study and analysis of the requirements of the client. We understood that upon accepting the project, we would be facing the following challenges which were to be addressed impeccably.

  • Provide faster service deliverance through round-the-clock reporting
  • Uncompromised quality output at all times
  • Make use of licensed creative software suits and improve resource infrastructure
  • Setting up a quality assessment team with skilled editors and supervisors
  • Establish an intelligent quality control system and follow the same
  • Assign a project lead and make him/her the point of contact for all communications

The unique service proposition and project execution by WinBizsolutions

Having years of relevant business experience in the field offering similar services, WinBizsolutions understood the scope of the requirements of the client.We also created a project execution plan and how we needed to tackle the requirements professionally and affordably all the while complying with the entire quality requirements of client.

We employed the following resources and infrastructure to meet the requirements of the clients on time thus adding another success story on sports and outdoor photography to our credit.

  • Adequate resource allocation—both human and technical
  • Ensured the safety of the client’s data through;
    • Channeling communication through ‘Secure VPN’
    • McAfee enterprise suite to protect clients data from virus etc..
    • Effective Network Access Control and Host Intrusion Prevention System
    • For surf control, employed URL filter system
    • Access restrictions at domain level
  • Offered 6 Mbps dedicated data bandwidth
  • Assigned a project manager and a subject matter expert

The advantages of the project

Associating with us for image editing services helped the client drive following benefits

  • Saved up to 73% of the operation cost
  • Improved the quality of the services rendered
  • The client was able to offer its products at rates their customers found extremely affordable
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