Real estate photo editing support provided for a property marketing firm in USA

The Client

Our client is based in Florida, the U.S. They offer marketing and promotional services for real estate agents across Florida. The advertisement touchpoints created by the client are highly successful in generating leads for the property owners, realtors, estate managers, and individual sellers. Improving the productivity of the real estate sellers by cutting down promotional costs is significantly the main motto of the client.

The client has been serving happy customers for more than two decades no The client has been serving happy customers for more than two decades now. It has now embraced digital advertisement to help out real estate agents and owners. The client offers them cutting-edge multimedia presentations, 360° virtual tour, digital walkthroughs, digital photo retouching for property images, panoramas, etc.

The Requirements

The client sought real estate photo retouching services from Winbizsolutions. We were informed that the raw image files along with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and multi-exposure real estate pictures would be furnished for processing and retouching.

We were requested to perform a number of modifications on the real estate photos that were provided to us. Interiors and exteriors of real estate plots had to be edited and retouched. Editing and enhancing was required for detailed shots, landscapes, colors, exposures, etc. Hues were to be adjusted, images quality had to be improved, perspectives were to be corrected, background colors had to be changed, and color cast had to be removed.

The Challenges

At WinBizSolutions, our team is proficient in editing and retouching real estate images. We make sure that the tedious tasks are executed precisely and accurately. Photography editing also needs to be done in a customized and unique manner.

We had to deliver more than 2000 edited, retouched, and superior quality images daily. Working hours of the photo editors and retouching experts assigned for the project had to be arranged in a way that it will complement the U.S. work time. This, in turn, ensured the turnaround time to be quicker. We had to leverage panoramic image stitching for the purpose of developing panoramas and virtual tours for real estate. Each image had to be impeccable and flawless.

The real estate images provided to us by the client had poor lighting issues, i.e., underexposure or overexposure of light. In some cases, sunlight was streaming in through windows causing a glare. Some rooms were lit dimly and some images were captured in harsh weather type. The highlights, shadows, and mid-tones had to be adjusted in an effective manner. Also, cars were parked in some images in a disorganized manner, fireplace was not present, the sink consisted of dirty dishes, and trash cans were overflowing. There were also some images that were captured at wrong angles which had led to perspective distortions and other problems. Hence, all these imperfections needed to be set right.

The Solution

Our team at Winbizsolutions started working immediately to honor the timelines. Fixing the real estate images was an uphill task. At the starting of the project, we delegated a team of 20 experienced photo editors and retouching experts for completing the work. A project manager was also assigned for checking the quality, coordinating the efforts of team members, and updating the client. Each artist had prior experience in editing and enhancing the real estate images. They are well-versed with the advanced techniques of Photoshop, can think out of the box, and have a sense for aesthetics.

A dedicated FTP channel was established through which confidential files of the client were exchanged. The login details were shared with the client so that they can download the processed pictures quickly. To ensure that the stiff deadlines are met, we allocated the team members in two shifts of twelve hours each so that the client can get batches of processed images daily in desired numbers. The project manager coordinated
with the members of both shifts to ensure a seamless transition of work with minimum interruption.

Client queries were responded by the project manager promptly Client queries were responded by the project manager promptly. To avoid any confusion, single point contact was established for the client. A licensed version of Photoshop and other image editing applications like Lightroom were used by us to avoid any legal complication. Our resourcefulness and state of the art digital infrastructure ensured that the images are processed and delivered quickly.

Access to the client’s file was provided only to authenticated users. Spam filters and spyware protection were used for ensuring that there was no corruption of images. Secure VPN network was used for maintaining the confidentiality of the client’s file.

The property images were made visually more appealing through correction of under and over exposure, eliminating or moderating the shadow effects, rectifying distortions in perspective, editing HDR images, creating panorama stitching, blending with other images, cleaning nasty aspects like dirty sinks, making thesky blue, background soothing, etc.

Despite the challenges involved in the project, our real estate photo editing team could adhere to the deadlines and could deliver batches of 2000 processed images everyday.

The Result

We successfully lived up to the expectations of the client. The client could get the job done for their advertisement customers at a fraction of cost it had to incur in U.S. Our rates were highly competitive. Hence, the client also saved much on the administrative, infrastructural, and labor costs. Our turnaround time was lesser according to the industry standards and the project was sent before the deadline. The attitude of our Project Manager and work ethics of our team members were praised by the client.

We also ensured that the time difference between the Indian and U.S. time zones did not adversely impact the delivery of the images. We excelled not only in photo correction but also in sprucing up the images with photo realistic virtual staging. At the same time, we adhered to the international standards of quality parameters. The client was very satisfied with the quality of work and our commitment. The client could experience a tangible increase in sales and lead conversions within a reasonably short time frame. They assured us that all of their future real estate photo editing requirements would be outsourced to WinBizSolutions only.

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