Enhanced ePub conversion services

Enhanced eBook Conversion Services
Enhanced ePub creation services

WinBizSolutions has always been in the forefront providing all types of digital conversion services. Enhanced ePub conversion services is one of our main areas of specialization.

As technology advanced, eBooks have grown from being a simple digital copy of the printed book to being an experience in itself. By incorporating various design, animation and interactive elements, the quality of the reader experience has improved manifold.  Extremely attractive and soothing to eyes, ePub is simply the future and next level of publication business. Understanding the ever growing acceptance of eBooks, most publishing houses and authors try to produce their works in ePub formats as well.

Using innovation in creating enhanced eBooks – the WinBizSolutions way

  • Assimilating communicating components including
  • Matching
  • True/False
  • Positioning & sequencing
  • Various media distractors
  • Blank filling
  • Audio-visual displays
  • Manifold answers
  • Classifying
  • Matrix finishing
  • Yes/ No along with clarification
  • Alternative options
  • Single numerical designs
  • Wordlist pop-ups
  • Making fixed layout eBooks to reproduce amazing print elements
  • Inserting audio as well as video with the help of HTML5
  • Integrating effects including animation via CSS3
  • Producing read-aloud eBooks and orchestrating images and text with recited acoustics eBook
  • Incorporating folding ToC for confirming hassle-free navigation and enclosed searchable matter to make reading process a more comfy option.
  • Connecting the matter of interactive eBooks to outside references.
  • Internal linking of content to appendixes, cross references, foot notes, indexes and annotations etc.
  • Using semantic tagging for facilitating interoperability as well as accessibility for complementing the matter.

Enhanced ePub creation process at WinBizSolutions

Our enhanced eBook conversion service involves 3 stages of processing

1) Design Analysis and Integration: Our experts prepare the digital layout content including header, sections, footer notes, bullet listing, references, biography,  as well as multimedia content like images, audio, video, and integrate the same into the layout design.

2) Digital composition and development: Our development team will convert the document into digital format including all of the enhanced elements

3) Testing and quality assurance: Once the enhance eBook created, our skilled testers test the quality and accuracy, UI/UX.

Why outsource enhanced eBook conversion services to us?

  • The experienced and professional experts here work just as the direct extension of your own in-house team.
  • Exactly delivering results as per your expectations, we are well-equipped to scale our resources as needed.
  • We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to deliver top quality eBook conversion.
  • We constantly strive to better our service deliverance each time we complete a project.
  • Strictly adhering to industry standards, all your multimedia ePub eBook conversion needs are met.
  • We use different quality checks and correction systems to detect and correct any error throughout.
  • Our team assures highest quality project deliverance every single time.

Various categories we support

We provide high quality enhanced digital books solutions and ensure best reading experience for

  • Children’s & comic books
  • Academic books containing charts and diagrams,
  • STM books
  • Photography books
  • Multimedia books and more

We provide complete enhanced ePub and interactive eBooks creation services for clients across USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, South Africa, UAE, India and other global locations.

Reach us soon to benefit from our team’s enhanced epub expertise and extraordinary competence