Fixed layout ePub conversion

With premium fixed layout ePub conversion services from WinBizSolutionsIndia, there is no compromise on crafting stunning and highly exemplified eBooks. Most suited for children and cook books, academic publications and for books on arts, travel and photography this format can really awe you with its visually appealing looks.

Why fixed layout ePub over others?

Keeping fixed pixel densities and rendering consistent viewing elements, this conversion technique allows the digital book’s look very much similar to the original printed version. Fixed-Layout format takes a march over other formats in sense that it offers much more in the area of formatting and styling. In these eBooks, the text appearing on the pages does not move. It works more like an image where it can only be zoomed in or out and moved around.This helps publishers who want to convert highly illustrated books to digital formats without compromising on the quality of the content or images in the book.

Some of the distinctive features of this format are

Searchable text and embedding audio-video

Rich color and graphics

Multi-column text and bookmarking

Page designs and layouts with easy navigation

Read aloud

Enhancing images and illustration

Text highlighting, background music

Fixed layout eBook conversion- the right choice when formatting is more complex

Why eCommerce photo editing services are important?

  • Books for children
  • Restaurant guides
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Academic books and learning materials
  • Books having mathematic content or tables
  • Recipe/cook books
  • Coffee table books
  • Annual reviews
  • Company reports
  • Technical and scientific books
  • Medical text books

Industries we support include publishing, media, education, finance, libraries, software and more. We provide round the clock support to global clientele including USA, UK, Europe Africa, Australia, Middle East and South East Asia.

Why eBook Creation Services from our company?

Having served countless clients across the world, our offerings are unsurpassed by any other eBook conversion service provider in India; it’s not the pride but our confidence.

  • We realize your needs and channelize our resources to come up with top notch eBook formatting services.
  • We use highly advanced technologies and tools to ensure that each document is completely error-free.
  • Trained professionals run several manual quality checks and rechecks at every level to eliminate errors.
  • Our team always ensures that the electronic conversion meets all your design needs, ideas and effects.
  • We are obsessed with quality and customer service.
  • Providing relentless support and high value for the investment made, responsibility to clients is our specialty.
  • We can carry out conversions for a wide variety of sources and formats; our processes always stay perfect.

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