Fixed layout ePub conversion

With premium fixed layout ePub conversion services from WinBizSolutionsIndia, there is no compromise on crafting stunning and highly exemplified eBooks. Most suited for children and cook books, academic publications and for books on arts, travel and photography this format can really awe you with its visually appealing looks.

fixed layout eBook conversion services

Fixed layout ebook conversion services

Why fixed layout ePub over others?

Keeping fixed pixel densities and rendering consistent viewing elements, this conversion technique allows the digital book’s look very much similar to the original printed version. Fixed-Layout format takes a march over other formats in sense that it offers much more in the area of formatting and styling. In these eBooks, the text appearing on the pages does not move. It works more like an image where it can only be zoomed in or out and moved around.This helps publishers who want to convert highly illustrated books to digital formats without compromising on the quality of the content or images in the book.

Some of the distinctive features of this format are

  • Searchable text and embedding audio-video
  • Read aloud
  • Rich color and graphics
  • Enhancing images and illustration
  • Multi-column text and bookmarking
  • Text highlighting, background music
  • Page designs and layouts with easy navigation

Fixed layout eBook conversion- the right choice when formatting is more complex

Some of the main categories for which we always recommend to include:

  • Books for children
  • Restaurant guides
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Academic books and learning materials
  • Books having mathematic content or tables
  • Recipe/cook books
  • Coffee table books
  • Annual reviews
  • Company reports
  • Technical and scientific books
  • Medical text books

A glance on the key service provisions from WinBiz Solutions

On outsourcing your fixed layout conversion and other related conversion requirements to us, we reinforce version with HTML5 as well CSS3 for creating electronic books that are of precise layout and design, matching closely to source file. Our experts incorporate right fonts and assure the selection of appropriate text size and graphics position. Also, we drape text around pictures if needed, set the right background color, generate multiple columns for text pages and place over text on images as per the requirements.

As a part of our fixed layout ePub conversion services provisions, we incorporate underlying features:

Full page zoom:

Readers are provided with the option to zoom out or zoom in the whole page so as to make reading comfortable.

Embedded media

Experts with us embed audio as well as video files in the electronic books for making them interactive and more interesting to the users.


We enhance the overall feel of your eBook by adding music, sound effects, games, quizzes, puzzles, voices over as well as 2D and 3D animations.

Foot notes, cross references and annotations

Experts with us add appropriate annotations, footnotes and cross-references for assuring technical precision and citations placement.

Narration overlays

In nook fixed layout conversion and all other services that we offer, narration overlays is an area where we pay huge attention. We make sure that words are appropriately highlighted as and when they are narrated.

WinBizSolutionsIndia is quartered to provide the finest fixed layout eBook conversion services

Serving hundreds of clients from different verticals of publishing industry, our name is synonymous with the finest and most affordable eBook conversion services in India. Various fixed-layout eBook formats provided by us include

  • Fixed-layout ePub 2.0 ePub 3.0 for Apple, Google, Kobo and Overdrive.
  • Fixed-layout KF8 and Kindle Comics for Amazon Kindle
  • Nook Kids ePIB and Nook Comics for Barnes & Noble

Effective outsource service propositions from us include

  • Professionals in our office render superior quality services without costing a fortune to the clients.
  • We make use of the advanced and finest of tools and techniques and provide incredible attention to details.
  • Our developers are focused to identify the minutest of specifics to provide uncompromising service delivery.
  • We use multiple quality reviewing and correction systems to evaluate the class of rendered pages and titles
  • We always keep our process compliant to Apple’s guidelines to be submitted in iBookstore.
  • We also specialize in wide variety of formats suited for eBook platforms like B&N, Amazon etc..
  • We always make sure that all the client requirements and specifications are adhered to.
Get more comprehensive details about our fixed layout ePub conversion service offerings and packages. We would love to be of any help to you.