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Having catered to a diverse clientele, WinBizSolutions has established itself as the most preferred destination to outsource XML conversion services.

XML being the most predominantly accepted and widely used digital format, transferring files and documents to this format is very crucial for publishers, libraries, universities and authors alike.

This format is compatible with almost all the eBook standards.  The specialized and comprehensive transformation solutions from us can help you to have your books, magazines, newspapers, manuals, manuscripts, journals and other documents transferred into digital formats without compromising on the quality of the original content.

WinBizSolutions-Types of XML conversion services we provide

We are one of those digital conversion companies that offer complete and comprehensive XML services. Some of the key provisions from us include

Word to XML conversion
word document to xml conversion

Through MS Word to XML conversion services, WBS facilitates the ease of storage, reporting, and transmission of data for companies with large invoices. The documents converted would function well with all prominent software to make it readable across multiple platforms.

HTML to XML conversion
conversion from html to xml

We allow easy reading of invoices which were not displayed uniformly in the website by converting them into a universally readable format, i.e., XML. We can also provide conversion services for XML to HTML format based on the client’s requirement.

PDF to XML conversion
adobe pdf to xml

WBS helps in the conversion of documents from PDF to XML for ensuring enhanced readability quotient. Through these services, the data present in the documents can be consistently used and all flaws related to the structure are eliminated. This enhances the agility of usage of PDF documents.

Excel to XML conversion
excel to xml file conversion

We are a leading XML conversion company help you to convert MS Excel documents to XML for being accessible on different platforms. The information contained in Excel sheets can be categorized and classified as per their characteristics for seamless online display.

Text to XML conversion
text file to xml conversion

At WBS, our experienced and skilled professionals would help to transform text documents into XML irrespective of the volume of data preserved. We can efficiently and swiftly convert them to XML to help you read, access, and sort data on multiple platforms without any constraints.

RTF to XML conversion
rtf file to xml

WBS helps in conversion of RTF documents to XML in an accurate and cost-efficient manner through a graphical user interface (GUI). We also convert PSD to XML for the ease of customization, storage, readability, and exchange.

Why Choose our XML data conversion services?

  • We convert JPEG, TXT, Tiff, Text, MathML, and SGML into XML
  • We also convert XML format into Excel, PDF etc.
  • We are well versed in standards like DAISY, PRISM, PMC, NIMAS and more.
  • We use most trusted and proven XML conversion techniques for delivering the best services to our clients.
  • Professionals here incorporate strategic error detection and correction methods at every level.
  • We very well understand the areas where the coded programs can go wrong.
  • Our quality analysts are keen on finding errors which help us to deliver the highest quality product.
  • We educate the clients with various technical jargon to provide a holistic view of the project outcome.
  • We work in close association with the clients keeping them updated on the project progress.
  • Our consultants, designers, and developers interact work towards etching most prolific plans and designs
  • Our data conversion solutions are cost-effective, scalable, secure and reliable
  • We accept the different kinds of the input file and convert into the extensible markup language

With proven and state-of-the-art digital conversion techniques, WinBizSolutions surpasses all challenges that the fierce market competition brings.


Our XML formatting or conversion services are handled by a trained team who uses proven and state-of-the-art digital conversion techniques to surpass all challenges that the fierce market competition brings. Hence, at WinBizSolutions, you can enjoy quality services that can improve your management process while efficient saving your cost and time. For further information regarding our XML file format conversion services, you can reach out to us at any time you want and we can provide you with the needed help for increasing your business productivity.

Shake hands with us and let our XML conversion skills spell success for you

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