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XML conversion services

Having catered to a diverse clientele, WinBizSolutions has established itself as the most preferred destination to outsource XML conversion services.

XML being the most predominantly accepted and widely used digital format, transferring files and documents to this format is very crucial for publishers, libraries, universities and authors alike.

This format is compatible with almost all the eBook standards and can save you more than a few dollars. The specialized and comprehensive transformation solutions from us can help you to have your books, magazines, newspapers, manuals, manuscripts, journals and other documents transferred into digital format without compromising on the quality of the original content.

Why should you outsource your XML data conversion requirements?

  • It requires specific expertise and outsourcing hubs possess it in plenty.
  • You can spare time for your core business activities that add more value to your business.
  • You can enjoy reduced costs, access to erudite technologies and better service delivery.
  • Get your employee management costs and operational costs minimized.
  • Your company gains a more competitive edge.

Our XML conversion services

We are one of those digital conversion companies that offer complete and comprehensive XML services. Some of the key provisions from us include

MS Word to XML conversion facilitates ease of data storage and transmission through proper formatting. Documents converted by WBS would functional well with all prominent software. This implies that your Word document would be readable by across multiple platforms. WBS also facilitates the conversion of Word documents to Atom, XHTML or SOAP formats. Our data conversion services can prove to be immensely beneficial for organizations where invoices are generated in huge numbers. Better insights can be drawn from well-managed, sorted, and easy to scan and report documents.

It allows for easy reading of invoices that have been created in the HTML web language. The popularity of HTML is more as it underlies internet hosted sites. However, the documents in HTML may not be readable on other platforms and this challenge can be overcome through conversion to XML. The documents which follows a definite structure can be converted to a universally readable format. WBS helps in accomplishing you the conversion with ease. We would also extend assistance in converting all formats which have been published for web into XML. We also convert XML to HTML format based on the client’s requirement.

WBS help in transformation of documents in PDF to XML to ensure that their readability quotient is enhanced. Through pdf to xml conversion, the data inherent in the documents can be consistently used and all flaws related to the structure are eliminated. This enhances the agility of usage of pdf documents

The universal acceptance of XML format can be used for optimizing the outreach of your text documents through proper conversion into XML format. At WBS, our experienced and skilled professionals would help you out with all activities needed for successfully and efficiently getting your text documents transformed to XML. Irrespective of the volume of data preserved in text format, we can efficiently and swiftly convert them to XML. You can read, access and sort data on multiple platforms without any constraints.

WBS is a leading XML conversion company which would help you in getting MS Excel documents converted to XML for ease of opening on websites and different platforms. The information contained in Excel sheets can be categorized and classified as per their characteristics which would help in seamless displaying online. The categorized information can be made to appear discretely through XML format

XML is a strategic language which helps in proper and neat display of information contained in general documents, pay slips and bills. WBS helps in conversion of RTF documents to XML in cost efficient manner through command line graphical user interface. We also convert PSD to XML for ease of customization, storage and exchange.

How we provide premium XML data conversion services?

  • We convert JPEG, TXT, Tiff, Text, MathML, and SGML into XML
  • We also convert XML format into Excel, PDF etc.
  • We can deliver all the required support within the specified time period at affordable costs.
  • At WinBizSolutions, quality and customer satisfaction are the most important factors on which we focus.
  • Each one of us here in our office is eager to learn the new developments that happen in the industry.
  • We are well versed in standards like DAISY, PRISM, PMC, NIMAS and more.
  • We use most trusted and proven XML conversion techniques for delivering the best services to our clients.
  • Professionals here incorporate strategic error detection and correction methods at every level.
  • We very well understand the areas where the coded programs can go wrong.
  • Our quality analysts with super keen eyes to find errors help us to deliver the highest quality product.
  • We educate the clients with various technical jargons to provide a holistic view of the project outcome.
  • We work in close association with the clients keeping them updated on the project progress.
  • Our consultants, designers, and developers interact work towards etching most prolific plans and designs

Benefits of outsourcing XML conversion services to us

  • We provide assured top quality output to our clients
  • Our data conversion solutions are cost-effective, scalable and reliable
  • Our professional team gives the result in quick turnaround time
  • We accept the different kinds of the input file and convert into the extensible markup language

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With proven and state-of-the-art conversion technology, WinBizSolutions surpasses all challenges that the fierce market competition brings.

Shake hands with us and let our XML conversion skills spell success for you