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Adobe Flash and HTML5 based development were the main approaches to create the front end for different web-based application until the recent past. However, owing to certain serious limitations of Flash, it started losing its favoritism and HTML5 emerged rapidly.

HTML5 supports audio, video and all other types of animations so as to address to the greater usability needs of different desktop and mobile devices. Thus a lot of companies have started to make use of HTML5 for the development of front-end for their web application. Also, many are converting their already existing content from flash into html5.

Thus the demand for adobe flash to HTML5 conversion services is continuously increasing. This has become something that businesses can’t escape these days. So, if you too want to catch up with the trend, we are here to help you out.

Flash to HTML5 conversion at WinBizSolutions

We have completed the conversion of countless slides based on Flash into HTML5, with varying complexity levels. Let it be the conversion of illustrations and graphics into SVG or else the conversion of Flash timeline into animations based on CSS, we can ensure flawlessness. In short, we can convert any flash-based multimedia files like videos, websites, banner ads, and rich content into a highly interactive HTML5 format.

  • Replication of content based on Flash is done by redesigning it into HTML5 by making use CSS3 for the layouts as well as JavaScript to get needed interactivities.
  • ActionScript2, as well as ActionScript3 files, are converted methodically into JavaScript code that are editable.
  • Based on the demands of the conversion project, advanced authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire, Swiffy, FlexJS and Articulate Storyline are used.
  • For entire e-learning content that we develop, compliance with AICC and SCORM 1.2 is maintained.
  • Using export/import, entire multimedia content is repurposed with complete localization.

Embrace Flash website to HTML5 conversion

A lot of your learning materials may be simply sitting futile in organizational KMSs and LMS. These can most of the times be converted again into productive learning assets; you just have to make them meet the latest demands of learners. Our expertise can surely help you in the same.

WinBizSolutions is equipped with the best professionals, trained and experienced who make use of the most appropriate framework for reorganizing and restructuring your flash content into HTML5 compatible version. Conversion process is paced up making the life easy for developers. We convert flash to html5 in such a way that the look, feel, graphics and richness etc. of the Flash are perfectly retained. This version will surely be catering to the high-end usability demands of various screen dimensions of both desktops and mobile devices. Another advantage is that the weight of content can be reduced to such an extent that even low-end devices are supported by consuming minimal device resources. We ensure that the techniques and processes we follow for a flash website to html5 conversion stay adhered to global standards and the converted content stays in line with exact client requirements.

We provide underlying Flash to HTML5 conversion services

Flash to html5 migration

Flex to HTML5

ActionScript to JavaScript

Design conversion of Flash to HTML5

Animation conversion of Flash to HTML5

eLearning courses, modules or WBT tutorials

Benefits of associating with us for converting flash based files into HTML5

  • We have the best digital conversion team with us and they are equipped with proper resources and most advanced technologies
  • Our designs are strategically crafted which can appeal to every category of audience
  • You data are kept completely secured and confidential; for the same, there are proven and best practices in place
  • Project is delivered within least possible time period
  • We have been in the domain for many years and hence we can exactly and easily understand your specific requirements
  • Team with us carries out all needed tests on source files to make sure that the converted files are perfect and have great quality
  • Our company houses most talented eLearning developers as well as designers who are well acquainted with entire aspects of the framework
  • We aster each and every eLearning Authoring Tool. Few to name are dominKnow Flow, Lectora, Captivate, along with Custom HTML5
  • With the authoring tools we can avail for various devices needed interventions for supporting performance and assure responsive learning
  • The courses that are converted will be supported on all devices and platforms.

Associate with us and enjoy seamless benefits

We have been in the industry for a long time now and we have an exceptionally talented staff to help convert SWF files into html5 format. In fact, we carry out all types of flash-based conversions. Our in-depth knowledge and working experience in various Flash and HTML5 based technologies can be efficiency leveraged to achieve the best results for you.  Moreover being among the most reputed HTML conversion services providers, we keep ourselves fortified with latest technologies, tools and software programs.

Your design and brand identity will be intact as the conversion we do never adversely impact your previous design’s look and feel. We finish the work on time with apex quality. Our pricing is kept reasonable and different packages are provided.

Hire us now to elevate user-experience with interactive, aesthetic and multimedia-rich flash to HTML conversion