ecommerce image editing support

The Client

An upcoming online store that had been struggling to secure its foothold in a fiercely competitive e-commerce market

The Requirements

The success of e-commerce projects depends, to a considerable extent, on the visual appeal of the product images that are displayed on the websites to garner the attention of the prospects. At that point of time, the company was newly launched and was witnessing a drastic expansion in its online operations. So the business needed mass product photo editing support within a month to maintain its competitive edge in the market.

The Challenges

The project needed to be completed at a faster pace and so we had to promptly create a team of seasoned professionals who are well versed in the use of advanced photo editing software. Additionally, resources that were already deployed for other projects had to be diverted to this project. This was challenging but we could still manage the situation through prudent planning and speedy execution of all tasks in a flawless manner.

The Solution

Use of quality images on e-commerce websites generates more leads, which in turn facilitates brand building. Professional images that related well with the central theme of the client’s website were handpicked to ensure that business values were reflected optimally through them. A separate team was assigned solely for this purpose. Optimized images are more likely to influence prospective customers into buying products that are listed on an eCommerce website.

Our team scrutinized each image and subjected them to intense photo editing. Our experts knew that overdoing could ruin everything and hence, they performed photo tweaking to an optimal level. We weeded out image defects pertaining to inadequate lighting, distracted photo background, and bad quality shots, which might have caused a negative impact on the customers. We stressed on quality to make the final image look compelling. Our team worked on shadow positioning, image manipulation, picture masking, retouching ,removing unnecessary objects, clipping, background editing, color regulation, and image conversion to ensure the generation of high-quality versions that would impress the customers. Multiple snaps of the products were stitched together and relevant subjects were isolated from the background.

The Outcome

The client was delighted with the the edited photo gallery that we shared with him. After the photos were uploaded on the website, the client started experiencing a massive growth in business within a very short period of time. We maintained cost-efficiency throughout the entire project lifecycle. The client was thoroughly impressed by the creative prowess demonstrated by our team and appreciated us for the timely support that we provided.

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