The Client

The client was the owner of a reputed food packaging supply business in the United Kingdom. Headquartered in London, the E-commerce business developed diversely-styled food packaging products and had major businesses as its valued clients.

The Requirements

The client wanted to partner with a reputed image editing service provider that had quality resources to deliver high-quality background removal services. The client wanted to work with a company that had the required bandwidth to edit large sets of images within short turnaround times.

The Challenges

Our photo editing team had to deal with a lot of challenges throughout the course of the project. The client used to share images in large batches and wanted us to deliver outcomes within 2-3 days. He was quite strict about the timelines and made this point clear to us when we were discussing about the scope of work and the pricing. Initially, we were required to provide image clipping support, but later, he added image enhancement assistance to the project scope, which made the situation more challenging for us because we had to put huge efforts and had limited time to deliver high-quality outcomes.

The Solution

We offered the client a trial run because we wanted to make sure that we lived up to his expectations. The client sent us three product images for image clipping and photo enhancement assistance and we assigned this task to one of our senior resources. The photo editor delivered the enhanced versions of the three images within an hour and this made the client immensely happy. He gained confidence about the quality of work that he should expect from us and he signed up with us for a one-year contract. The project was massive and he needed us to deliver around 1000 images per day. We assigned a team of 35 people for this task and the team went on to become one of the most regarded teams in our company. The client was awestruck with the outcomes and he signed a five-year contract with us. The team used Adobe Photoshop and the outcomes were mainly delivered in PSD and JPEG formats.

Client Benefits

The client appreciated the outcomes and the delivery timelines. Our competitively-priced packages allowed the client to make huge savings. Today, he is one of our loyal clients who have been trusting us with diverse photo editing projects for years.

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