The Client

The client was a well-known photography company based in Belgium. As an established business that provided a wide range of photography services, the client employed an excellent team of creative photographers.

The Requirements

The client approached several photo editing companies but decided to choose us because the project needed the support of an experienced and professional image stitching service provider. The requirement of the client was to stitch over 417 photographs together to form a final image that would be about 420 meters in length.

The challenges

The main challenge was to offer post processing support for a huge volume of images within a really short turnaround time. The client would upload 150-250 folders on the FTP every day and every folder would contain 30-35 images.

There is nearly 10-12 hours of time difference between India and the US. The client demanded a 24/7 involvement for this project. But, we were already working on many projects assigned by several other clients and each of them had their own deadlines.

The Solutions

As this was a big project, literally by the size of it, we knew we had to improvise and create an effective strategy if we have to meet the deadline. We carefully analyzed the situation and came up with the certain solutions to meet the challenges.

Since the project was huge, we decided to provide a sample of processed images to the client to understand the quality expectation of the client. After the sample was approved and specific quality expectations were given by the client, we decided to go at the project.

We quickly constituted a team of three image stitching professionals to carry out the project. As there was a definite sequencing for the pictures, we decided to break down the entire work among the team members. Every employee was briefed about their accountability and was guided by seniors at the photo editing department.

We knew that we had to deliver the work 7 days prior to the deadline so as to allow ourselves enough time to incorporate any sort of changes requested by the client after the submission of the processed images.

We sought to handle the panoramic image stitching operation in batches and we set a target for the team to stitch about 18 pictures a day. By meeting the target on a daily basis, we could earn some time to carry out the assignment as per the internal schedule that we had set for us.

As we had to stitch images that were complex and large, ourimage editing expertsmade extensive use of professional image editing tools such as PTGUI and Adobe Photoshop. Since the size of the photographs was huge, we had to create an FTP to facilitate better, faster, and efficient image transfer.

We also decided to hold a meeting every 4th day of the project to analyze the progress of the assignment and to ensure the quality of the processed images. This helped us to remain assured that we were proceeding in the right direction with the needed pace.

We were able to complete the assignment 5 days before the deadline set by the client. After the final submission, the client provided a few tweaking suggestions for some of the images. We were able to quickly process the same as all the editing and tweaking tasks suggested by the client were minor.

The Results

As we finished this huge project that we had undertaken, the client was really happy with the services delivered and wrote for us an invaluable photo editing customer testimonial. They were extremely satisfied for how we were keen on meeting all their requirements and how we delivered flawless and precise outcomes. They said that we were one of the best image stitching services that they had associated with in a long time. The client was greatly satisfied with our service deliverance and professional approach. They also said that they would love to associate with us in the future for similar projects and assignments.

If you need image stitching services , you must ensure that you engage a professional, experienced, and quality-conscious team to carry out the tasks. Talk to our client relations officers to know more about our service propositions and packages.

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