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The client owns a private property management company in Auckland, New Zealand. It specializes in offering residential properties to the people It is considered as one of the reputed real estate providers in New Zealand, and its website consists of over 1 million real estate property listings.


Since the real estate industry was gradually becoming highly competitive, the client wished for a way to increase the visibility of his listings and drive more sales. He also hoped to create something that would engage his audience on the company’s website for a longer time. The client got to know about the benefits of virtual tours and contacted us for the same.

Here are a few reasons why the client decided to work with us.

  • We have a team of certified experts for high-quality 360-degree virtual tour creation.
  • We have worked on the projects of various startups and established companies.
  • Our outputs are always on par with the international quality standards in the real estate industry.
  • Our cost-effective pricing modules for real estate photo editing and the creation of 360-degree virtual tours.
  • Our reputation as one of the best virtual tour service providers in the industry.


Here are a few challenges our team had to go through while working on the client’s project.

  • The client required us to increase the visibility of his hotels in the search results.
  • He wanted virtual tours to have a greater engagement rate with the target audience.
  • The images offered by the clients did not have proper lighting and has contrast issues.
  • The quality of the image was good, but it had many reflective and transparent materials.


Our team at WinBizSolutionsIndia devised effective solutions to tackle the issues of the project. We first started with photo editing and targeted the interiors, exteriors, floor plans, etc. The various imperfections in the images were removed without affect ting its quality or appeal. Finally, we used those pictures to create 360-degree videos and then for the development of virtual tours.


The virtual tours helped the client to attract potential leads. The client also informed that he witnessed significant growth in search appearances and sales conversion rates. The inquiries for the property listings by the potential customers also increased. Overall, the tours proved helpful in providing various profits to the client’s company.

With virtual tours, it is possible to visualize an architectural space in the most seamless manner without any confusion. In the coming years, technology is also likely to bring about a huge transformation in the real estate industry. So, if your business is somehow related to the real estate domain, knowing about the technology and implementing it for the projects will be a wise decision. If you need help with getting on board, then kindly reach us to inquire about our real estate virtual tour services. Apart from this, we also excel in offering real estate photo editing services to elevate the value of your property listings through high-quality image edits. So, contact us to understand our services and how they can benefit you. If you feel like giving it a try, then discuss your requirements and let us work together.

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