Photo culling support

The Client

The client is a wedding photographer and videographer based in Cardiff, Wales. The client holds a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree in photography and videography and has been in the profession for more than 10 years now. The client is counted among the top wedding photographers in the UK and has been capturing marriages in different parts of the country and overseas.

The Requirements

The client needed to cull the images from 10 wedding photoshoots. After photo culling, the client also needed us to work on image retouching and editing. In addition to that, there was also a special requirement. It involved editing the wedding images in different photography styles, such as Black & White, Light & Airy, and True to Life or Color.

The Challenges

The primary challenge was that it was a high-volume project. Each wedding photoshoot contained thousands of images and we had to cull out the best ones from that. However, we do want to mention that the client chose a fair deadline. It was neither too short nor too long.

Apart from that, the project included the following challenges:

  • Since the project was huge, the client used to send 2-3 folders every day containing nearly 300-400 wedding photographs. So, the challenge was to complete the work on the same day itself. We also needed to keep track of the number of images edited for the client.
  • The flaws contained in each marriage photograph were not the same. So, our photo editors had to review the images individually. For example, some required unwanted object removal while some needed color correction.
  • Apart from marriage photos editing, we also needed to carry out retouching in few cases, which involved stray hair removal, teeth whitening, braces removal, stain and crease removal from clothes, makeup editing, background removal and addition, etc.

The Solutions

The photo editing team at WinBizSolutionsndia developed the following solutions to handle the client’s project:

  • After finalizing the project with the client, we conducted a meeting and discussed the project with the managers. Finally, we chose an active team for the project and assigned a dedicated project manager for the same.
  • The active team consisted of 4 image editing specialists. As per their request, we provided them with the needed photo editing software. On the other hand, there was also a QA team of 2 members who are solely responsible for checking the quality of the edited photographers.
  • The project manager ensured that a systematic photo editing workflow is maintained and also connected with the client from time to time to offer updates regarding the project.
  • We followed complete security while working on the project of the client. Each of our image editors was given a separate set of files for culling, out of which only the best ones were selected and send further for editing. These were checked and approved by the QA team. We take responsibility for the confidentiality of the files sent to us and shall not disclose them to third parties in any case without the client’s permission.
  • The files that we worked on daily were sent to the client through Dropbox. After sending them, the client would either give us thumbs up appreciating our work or request suggestions if any. When given feedback or suggestions, we would again work to improve the images and send the files to the client.

The Final Results

We were able to complete the work as per the given deadline. After we delivered the final files, we got to know that the client also approached two other companies for photo editing services. However, the client confessed that the quality of work that we offered was quite impressive than the others. And, since our image culling and editing rates were affordable, the client assured us that we will be partners for a long time.

The client reported 20% savings compared to outsourcing other wedding image editing service providers. There were also 60% savings for the total money invested, which might have been used for local resources if outsourcing was not an option. With fast and high-quality results from our end, the client gladly informed us that the business also benefitted.

WinBizSolutionsIndia has been serving many clients from the photo editing domain for years. Over time, we have gained experience in working on a variety of projects related to weddings, real estate, furniture, jewelry, food, eCommerce products, and more.

So, if you have any similar requirements for your project, then reach us for assistance. Send us your requirements and we shall discuss the different packages included in our wedding photo editing or photo culling services.

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