Automobile image clipping services for automobile sellers based in US


Client was one among the most reputed automobile sellers based in US and was running his business since 1980s. Over the years they had sold millions of automobiles, both used and brand new.  Their business model has always guided many new other auto dealers from across the world.


The client had to deal with millions of automobiles pictures and because of the busy schedule, the in-house team was really struggling. The client was too particular in regard of image quality as they firmly believed that images displayed significantly impacts the buying decision of customers.

Because of the client’s reputation and popularity, they used to receive huge traffic when compared to the competitors.  They therefore needed a minimum of 27000 images to be worked upon every month.  All the photographs had to be perfectly edited; cropping, removal of shadow, background image editing and addition of special effects had to be done as per his standard specifications.  The client needed images to be sent back within shortest time period and he was looking to leverage the time zone advantage.  


For us, staying ahead and distinguished with our clipping path solution and other related services has been one of core business principles. As far as this project was concerned, there were few challenges.

As the work was huge and turnaround time expected was extremely short, we had to work even at odd hours. Going those extra miles for clients always excited us.

Resources with our clipping path service company were already engaged in other projects. Relieving them was least viable as every client is equally important to us.

Client needed us to work 24/7 on his project and it was quite infeasible at that point of time as we were working on various other projects around those hours.


After the initial discussions were over, we called up an internal meeting and formed a team of highly skilled professionals capable of swiftly carrying out all photo clipping path services involved.  It was decided to follow a phased approach. We worked on a specific delivery schedule by gradually increasing the turnaround time.

Our team of image editing experts started off by editing nearly 15000 images in a fortnight and the volume considerably increased. The daily turnaround time was 8, 12 and 24 hours based on photos complexity. Previously we were working 24/6 but owing to the demand of client project, we worked overtime and even hired and trained 15 new professionals.   We made use of Adobe Photoshop for editing and clipping images.


By following a complete phased methodology towards client project, the client made significant saving.  In addition to that they were able to update the website frequently with latest images. The successful collaboration made the client extremely delighted. Automobile image editing done by us maintained 100% accuracy and professionalism. The voluminous work was completed as per the stipulated timeframes. The project was in fact a grand success and hence the client signed further contracts with our company. Now we are dealing with a king part of their photo editing works.

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You may have faced many problems in your previous outsourcing endeavors but things will be different at WinBizsolutions. Here we assure completely personalized services that at perfect, professional and prompt. Experts with us can deliver highly refined images for your complete branding and marketing needs. Whether it is for business cards, websites, blogs, brochures or anything else, we can generate you awesome results.  Our company even provides photo editing services for photographers.

To discuss in detail, you can reach us anytime. Keeping you satisfied is our obligation and passion. We have several packages to suit every class of customers and if needed, we can provide specifically customized packages.

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