eBook Conversion Case Studies

We are one of the most renowned companies in India offering a surfeit of professional eBook conversion services at most reasonable rates. Some of the most noted ones among them are fixed layout, reflowable, enhanced, ePub, interactive, Kindle, DT book, PubMed, XBRL, XML, Nook and read aloud ePub conversion services. We are highly experienced in designing, coding and CSS; our experts can put together attractive and really convincing electronic books that can impress, inform and excite readers.

Underlying case studies testify our adeptness in varied eBook conversion service provisions. We have always guaranteed excellence and superior quality to each and every customer we have served till date.

Fixed layout eBook conversion – case study

We embarked on the project by bringing together a competent team of accomplished professionals with significant exposure to ePub conversion technology. The efficient team was again given a swift project-specific brief training and complete idea of the client needs and expectations were communicated.

EPub conversion – case study

Client provided us books in hard copy instead of digital version. So, we had to type the whole matter into digital format. Additionally, proofreading and copy editing were to be done.  Converting 25, 000 pages in 30 days was the real challenge. Above all, the client was on tight budget.

Read aloud ePub conversion – case study

Client was a renowned German Publisher in need of Children’s book read aloud ePub conversion services. He had a huge volume of work to be handled. In fact he was producing nearly 300 children book titles, annually, that were in German language.

XML DT Book Conversion For A UK Based Company – case study

This client from the UK had approached us for XML DT Book Conversion services. We are happy to announce that we have been awarded a contract for 3 years by the company. The contract involves the production of more than 420,000 pages from both printed files and PDF titles.

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