Multilingual help desk support for a product manufacturing company


A prominent 5- year old product manufacturing company which was based in Colmar, France.


To clearly understand their requirements, we conducted some telephonic conversations with the company and garnered maximum possible information. The manager of the firm mainly outlined the following needs:

  • Quick handling of customer’s call in multiple languages
  • Resolve the constant turnover issues with appropriate resources
  • Reduce operational costs and provide 24/7 back-office solutions
  • Resolve customer-related queries with efficiency and perfection


They had serious customer service issues and were in critical need of improving the customer’s level of satisfaction which had drastically fallen from past one year. They even had a lot of foreign customers to deal where the language was a big issue. There were many customer queries which were left unanswered at times and the business was, in fact, collapse down. Their call center tech support center was not having proper infrastructure and enough personnel. The agents assigned for the task were not equipped with the needed domain expertise for handing the customer processes. Their inbound multilingual call centers were inefficient and less productive. Thus, they were looking for multilingual help desk support which could improve their customer service.


The immediate mandatory requirement was to minimize the rate of call abandonment and increase the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, our team designed a customized plan for addressing the immediate needs of customers by providing world-class customer care service. Next, we focused on strengthening the brand by offering the self-service content and base material in multiple languages.
We made sure that the assigned team had all the required domain expertise and efficiency to handle even the most complex of the BPO processes. We also assured that they have language fluency and the required cultural understanding of different regions they are serving. They were even trained to ask an unambiguous question to ensure that the customer fully understands the solutions they offered. Thus, they were able to drastically reduce the turnaround time and offer remarkable multilingual support service through diverse channels including internet, voice, and email.


All the issues faced by the client were eradicated and exceeded all the expectations of the client.

  • Average call answering speed shifted from 34% to 85%
  • Extra expenditure on the operation was reduced
  • Call abandonment rate dropped from 16% to 5%
  • Services improved and more products were manufactured
  • Professional and timely approach enhanced customer satisfaction levels

Hence, the overall client business improved which proved us as their reliable strategic partner. As for us, we added one more organization to our long list of satisfied clients.

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