Multilingual help desk support for a printer services company


A prominent printer services company. They had grave customer service issues as the level of satisfaction experienced by customers had drastically fallen down. The call abandonment rate from multilingual help desk support was nearly 40%. Customer queries were many times left unanswered and the business was in fact crumbling down.


To clearly understand all the requirements, we conducted some telephonic conversations with the company and garnered maximum possible information. Followed by that, a special team was assigned the task of analysing the customer’s problem to comprehend the root causes. Based on the scrutiny, we understood the precise customer requirements that helped us to devise an optimal solution.


The call center tech support center was not having proper infrastructure and enough personnel. Also, processes were inadequate. The agents for customer support were not equipped with the needed domain expertise for handing customer processes. The customer’s inbound multilingual call centers were inefficient and less productive.


The immediate mandatory requirement was to minimize the rate of call abandonment and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Our team started off by designing a customized BPO platform to address the specific needs of customers. We made sure that the team newly designed had all needed domain expertise and efficiency to handle even the most complex of BPO processes. The professionals worked hard and were able to drastically reduce the turnaround time by offering remarkable multilingual technical support through diverse channels including internet, voice and email.


All the issues faced by the client were eradicated , business improved hugely and one more added to our long list of satisfied clients.

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