At WinBizSolutionsIndia, our call center infrastructure is highly sophisticated and works on a 3-tier mechanism. The technical edge we enjoy makes us different from the other service providers. Our platform is noted for the L3 core designing and redundant connectivity. We have several active ports in every floor to provide seamless services to our clients. Along with these, the internet connectivity and network transport on our desk are reliable and we also have a Cisco IPCC (Internet Protocol Contact Centre) based infrastructure for outgoing calls. Besides, the distributor dialler infrastructure on our platform works in close collaboration with the voice station of Cisco. The professionals are able to manage to call list in real time through the 2:1 pacing on the predictive dialer.

Our application suite has been created through a reputed software company, providing specialized services to call centers. It enables us to call center quality assurance and contacts capturing to create a better business set-up for our clients.

Call Center Infrastructure

Our Wireless System is Powered by the Following Features

Voice & screen capture

  • Capability to capture full interaction with the customers
  • Customer authentication and sign-off-based access and capture
  • Display with energy envelope on both sides
  • Replays based on the web
  • Extensive data tagging (Time, data, disposition, Agent ID, duration, etc.)
  • Search option based on query
  • File downloading options

Quality system

  • Call center quality monitoring software
  • Multiple plans for selection
  • Multiple plans for scoring
  • Online mechanism to change plans for selection
  • Graphical reports

This application permits

Business-oriented rule for fulfilment

  • Evaluation of call types through exception handling
  • Permits flexibility, granular or broad
  • One can push the monitored calls to the relevant people


  • Rich integration to trigger monitoring
  • Details of customer ID, ANI, DNIS, talk time, disposition code, caller entered digits, etc.

Exception Criteria

  • Exception of call flow
  • Hold time, holds, transfers, call length, conference

Playback and World-Wide Access

  • Provider to customers, executives and home supervisors

Spotting patterns and trends

In order to comply with the rules and monitor whether the norms are being adhered to while offering call center services, we require clear and authentic information. We also maintain the security of information and improve the quality of experience of our customers by providing feedback to our executives. All the calls are recorded for monitoring, thus helping in leveraging the quality of our services.

This System Enables Us to Perform the Following Tasks

  • Conducting analysis on the basis of intelligent tagging
  • Data mining abilities
  • Being more responsive to an escalation of customers
  • Using it as a powerful tool for remediation and training
  • Monitoring and managing the activity of agents.

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, you will come across an international standard of call center infrastructure. We are known for our training facilities as well as precautions in place for protection against fire, security, and power backup systems. We follow the best practices for maintaining the health of our employees.

Our Area Holds

  • Training rooms, fully equipped as per standards
  • Complaint building
  • Complete visibility into all the processes
  • Upgraded data center
  • Conference rooms
  • Fire protection and prevention system
  • Multiple levels of redundancy to connect locally
  • Multiple power backup levels

The Power Facility

Our primary source of power is always backed up by a generator. For further support, a UPS network infrastructure has been integrated into our platform. All the gadgets are powered by a dual system of power supply, with independent paths of power feeding each device.

The Three Levels of Redundancy Include

  • Primary power source
  • Generator
  • UPS

With this infrastructure, we have been providing our steadfast outbound as well as inbound voice solutions to clients over the years. We keep on upgrading the infrastructure with sophistication in technology. The ideal mix of contact center technology and manpower enables us to provide quality services to our clients.

Hire our company for availing reliable call center outsourcing services and receive numerous benefits with the exceptional customer experience and increased efficiency of the brand. Reach out to us today.

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