It is not enough for a service provider to just deliver the support needed by its client the way they need it but it is also important that they constantly exceed the expectations to drive maximum value each time.

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we continually evaluate and assess the processes of our service deliverance in the light of a checklist created from customer expectations. We are always hard at work to review our infrastructure capabilities, human resource and all other service processes to warrant impeccable levels of productivity, exceptional growth potential and critical performance measures so that the clients are constantly delivered with the services that always can meet even the most dynamic and unique of their requirements all the time.

Our Quality Compliance

One of the most definite traits of WinBiz Solutions has always been our excellence, and we have always believed that if an organization can effectively integrate various quality management, monitoring and control systems into the resources used, it can drive exceptional levels of quality at all stages of service deliverance. In our efforts to offer professional call center outsourcing services to all our clients, we have in place extensive and highly exceptional quality systems and techniques so that we can always understand, monitor and analyze the processes and transactions that happen in a business against the already set quality levels. As an exceptionally client-centric organization, we never flinch away from carrying out even the most rigorous quality assessment and correction processes from time to time. All of these efforts and constant introspections help us affirm that the clients will always get better services than they ever anticipategetting.

Call center quality monitoring process

Monitoring is the first step towards establishing a better and improved service proposition in any business. Only when a business can identify its drawbacks, will it be able to work on it and improve its service propositions. As such WinBizSolutionsIndia utilizes a wide range of simple yet effective monitoring procedures to drive impeccable levels of quality assessment and administration. These procedures are utilized as required to help the employees understand and learn about the standards and measures existing in the organization so that they can always strive to live up to these standards. Apart from this, the quality team consistently monitors the quality of the calls, email support and all other service processes in the organization to ensure that the guidelines established for the respective processes are complied with. As and when the team identifies the scope for improvement, corrective measures are taken and implemented.

Our Human Resources

There is no doubt that the human resource of an organization is the most important and dynamic resource and is hence exceptionally difficult to manage. However, in our endeavors to support our vision of providing matchless quality to all our clients, we are fortified with a team consisting of profoundly dedicated, motivated and markedly customer-friendly quality assessment professionals. All our human resources working in the quality assessment capacity are well-versed with the processes and all other guidelines given by the organization in its effort to improve the quality of the services and processes it offers. We also ensure that during the process of training and recruitment, each and every new recruit is effectively trained and made familiar with all our value standards and policies.

Quality Checking Processes

All our executives undergo extensive quality checking processes regularly and with the help of predetermined critical quality parameters, the agents are assessed against their accuracy and speed of information processing. The performance analysis of the agent can effectively project the areas that need improvement and hence, the organization can create better and more effective skill improvement programs.


Calibration is often carried out to ensure that the agents always understand and comply with the existing quality standards and process guidelines. The best team assesses the documents processed by our call centre executives and the same is sent to the customer for their review. The reviews of the client and the excellence team are compared continuously and the cycle is repeated till the assessments from both the parties match.


For certification purposes, the executives are assigned to a particular floor to perform at specific tasks prior to assigning them to actual work. The client will be deciding on the processor tasks that are assigned for the new agent to get certified.


One of the most important phases of call center quality assurance and evaluation is feedback and it is what determines the outcome of the entire evaluation process. The feedback on the performance levels of the agent will be conveyed to the agent directly with the presence of a person directly concerned with the floor performance of the agent. As required, a structured process will also be carried out at times in line with the comments of client, client expectations and the improvements needed.


The quality/superiority assessment team of our call center works closely with the training and development department. As it is based on the feedback received by the agent that the training and development activities and programs are planned, this is important that both of these departments work in tandem with each other to bring maximum development in the agent in the least possible time window.


The reports that talk about the quality assessments of a process or an agent will shed light on the daily, weekly and monthly performance of the assesse. Reports will also get sent to the client for their reference and it will be customized and stored by the client for future references.

Quality Infrastructure

We are supported by expansive infrastructural capabilities that are rivaled by no other competitors in the industry. The powerful and robust technological and process systems that we use help us continuously ensure effective and timely data transfer. By effectively utilizing distributor dialer technologies, web enabled engines and services and other client-centric infrastructures, we always live up to the client expectations.

Comprehensive Access and Transparency

Being a reliable call centre service provider, we will provide you with complete and comprehensive access to all our databases. You will also be given extensive and insightful reports and analysis on the services rendered and the quality details of the same. The unrivalled GUI that we use to assess for the quality of the call helps us create group and individual reports as and when required. You will also be provided with access for all the data tagged with the calls that are being attended to.

We also continuously listen to the feedbacks of all our clients to ensure that the service propositions persistently meet the quality guidelines and requirements of the clients without fail. Through our improvement and assessment processes, we ensure the fact that we are always a true client-centric call centre service provider that relentlessly tries to leverage our service capabilities to bring unparalleled value to the client and their business processes.

If you are in pursuit of a high call center outsourcing quality that can constantly up the ante of your service deliverance and give your competitors a run for the money, contact us now.