call center email quality monitoring tips

Quality email maintenance tips

Establishing a seamless interaction with customers is one of the key necessities of an organization. Most call centers use email as a communication channel to reach their audience. That is why monitoring and maintaining the quality of emails has become more critical than ever.

However, there is a problem associated with it. People these days have transferred their habit of texting in business emails. This does not seem like professional correspondence but a bunch of kids chatting on social media platforms.

So, to ensure that you don’t do the same thing in your business, this article brings you some of the best tips to monitor the quality of your emails and keep them in check. We will also discuss the things you shouldn’t be doing for improving your email management skills.

Top 10 Tips to Improve the Quality of your Emails

Now, let us check out the email monitoring tips that will enable you to enhance the quality of your customer services. This can also help you to achieve higher productivity in the workplace.

  1. Be specific when writing the subject line

Writing a good subject line and being specific with it will inform your recipient that your message is important.  This will make them prioritize it and view it. Otherwise, there’s a chance that your might go into spam and they may not even see it.

In case the message you are sending is too important, you can add “Critical” or “Important” to your subject line.

  1. Check the grammar, spelling and punctuation

The call center email quality monitoring process must involve quality checking of the text you are sending to the customers. The emails need to be readable, so make sure that they contain no grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors. This enhances the professionalism of the services.

  1. Maintain a professional tone

The way you reach out to your customers influences the impact of the emails to a great extent. You need to approach them with the right tone through the emails. Evidently, the quality monitoring process should focus on the tone of the language, where you need to choose the right words and throw them in the right way before your customers. You should have a set of guidelines that the agents need to adhere to.

  1. Make use of statistical samples

When the emails are reviewed for quality, you need to take a statistical sample, as one or two communications prove nothing. Multiple interactions are to be assessed in order to understand the way the agent is performing. You can rely on your experts skilled in email monitoring service to maintain the quality of your emails. The performance of the entire team is to be monitored.

  1. Try using a mystery shopper

The mail monitoring service greatly enhances the grade of customer service. The customer service skills can be tested with a mystery shopper, that most of the call centers use these days. Email monitoring is similar to this, where the mystery shopper corresponds through emails with the agents to evaluate the quality of services delivered by them. You can also seek email delivery monitoring service from external experts.

  1. Answer the customers’ questions

It is important to evaluate whether the question of the customer has been answered or not. Often, the agents overlook the question placed by the customer and place their opinion before them. Evidently, email inbox monitoring can help in assessing whether they are actually answering the questions that are being asked. This evaluation can reveal whether the responses are contextual to the needs of the readers. Over the time, evaluating these replies can determine whether the customers are satisfied with the services or not. You can also go for chat support process outsourcing. The agents can deliver relevant responses to the customers on a consistent basis, when the responses are monitored.

  1. Check the politeness of your emails

A large number of companies seek email support services from professionals in order to make sure that the electronic mails sent to the customers are polite. Although the communication does not take place as spontaneously as face-to-face communication or over the phone, it is important to be polite while responding to the emails. Personalized emails deliver a welcome touch to the customers. When the electronic mails are monitored from time to time, the politeness and attitude of the agents towards the customers get revealed.

  1. Manage the time

Today, a large number of call centers seek chat support services from the experts. This is because they find it difficult to manage time. The dearth of time is an issue for most of the firms. Handling large volumes of emails in quick time is a problem for most of the firms. The quality has to be retained, as responding hurriedly to the customers can lead to the loss of quality. Besides, you cannot afford to make delays while responding to the queries of the customers. The electronic mails have to be processed and you need to deliver the responses with accuracy in the agreed timescale. You can also seek email technical support in the process in order to simplify the task.

The experts will help you to set up an automated acknowledgement. This will send a realistic response to the customers as soon as their electronic mail is delivered to you. As a result, they will not send additional emails to you, as they know that their queries will be responded to in the stipulated time.

  1. Align training and quality expectations

The experts use various advanced email monitoring tools in order to assess the quality. They carry out the training process in order to align the quality of the electronic mails with the expectations of the customers. It is necessary to know the expectations of the customers and deliver the emails accordingly.

  1. Put the question at the end

If you are asking anything in your email, try to put it at the end. Usually, people bury the question in the body of the email, which has a high probability of people unnoticing it. So, make sure that your question is clear and at the end.

Things you Must Not Do while Writing an Email

Now that you are aware of the things you should do, let us discuss the things you should avoid doing.

  • Do not use emails for delivering bad news. You can go for a voice mail instead.
  • Never introduce a topic in the middle of the email thread. Instead, create a new message. Also, add a different subject line for the same.
  • Do not add private or confidential information to your emails. Know that emails aren’t private. So, be discreet about the content you are adding.
  • Do not respond to an existing email whose topic is changed. This will create confusion. You can change the subject and then, send it.
  • Do not rely completely on emails. If it is appropriate, go for a phone call. It will help you resolve the issue faster.

Evidently, monitoring the emails can enhance the quality of customer service to a great extent. You can always outsource call center services to the experts. Get across to a reputed platform for email monitoring services as well and enhance the quality of your customer support.