Endowed with a league of advantages, WinBizsolutions aims to provide call center service packages that blend quality, commitment and professionalism with unmatched service plans. All our service plans are unique that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Responding even to the specific requirements of the client, our call center pricing structure depends on several factors.

This helps us to make certain that the price at which we offer our services is able to satisfy the customers effectively.

The factors that influence the pricing of our services are

  • The diverse clauses, terms and specifications given in the contract
  • The volume and regularity of the calls
  • The type of the process or program for which the client needs support from us
  • The specifications and the skill levels of the associates required
  • Complexity of the process, program and the projects

Although these are the major factors that influence the price of our services delivered, we being one of the most reputed technical support companies are also fortified to create plans depending upon the necessities of the clients. In such scenarios, we will analyze the needs of the client with respect to our infrastructural capabilities. Based on the assessment, we will provide an exceptional service plan that will meet all the requisites of the clients perfectly.

As part of the service obligations, we will provide our clients with all the necessary reports as required by them. The associated training and set up of the program are free of cost.

Take a look at our various spectrum of call center services

  • Non-Technical support and Telemarketing
  • Technical Assistance and Support
  • Advanced Technical Assistance and Support

If you are planning to leap ahead of your competition with exceptional service delivery and support to your customers, it is high time that you started optimizing your resources as quickly as you can. The most important step in doing so is to outsource a series of routine services to expert contact center professionals. And while doing so, WinBizsolutions is the perfect business associate for you that can not only help you leverage your resources but also drive unmatched customer satisfaction for your customers.

Effectively geared up with all the necessary technological, manpower and skill-based infrastructures, our client relationship wings will easily understand all your needs just the way you want them and provide quotes befitting your requirements.

Now, become one of the most valued and supported clients of ours and select the best service as you like it.

Pricing Disclaimer

Users of the website are urged to understand that the prices may fluctuate depending on many factors. The actual price of the service will depend on factors such as the type of vocation, complexity of the project, contractual obligations and requirements of the client along with several other elements.

The final quote is given to the client only after a detailed discussion is done with them to understand their exact needs.