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Tips to use eBooks in eLearning

Tips to use eBooks in eLearning

03 April in eBook conversion

Most important features of eBooks are that they are printable, portable and can be used across multiple platforms. In addition to the said, they are interactive and highly effective, making them ideal for eLearning courses. These can easily be downloaded across various platforms like mobile...

XBRL filings

Inline XBRL filings- An analysis

28 November in eBook conversion

Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language is almost like PDF. It is a computer comprehensible and browser accessible properly formatted HTML document having XBRL data embedded beneath it. Inline XBRL in fact conceals technical verbiage associated with its and avails a document completely resembling source file...

ebook creation

Creating eBooks for tablets

01 November in eBook conversion

Digitization has highly impacted the reading habits of populaces worldwide. Today, eBooks are used mainly for product manuals, user guides, digital learning and like. A king part of the readers prefer e-readers including tablets. Let us see certain tips that should be kept in mind...

Operative eBook development tips

Operative eBook development tips

03 October in eBook conversion

Owing to the rapid boom of digitization, eBooks have emerged to be the most preferred source for information exchange and reading.  As authors as well as publishers want their work to be displayed worldwide, understanding the process of eBook creation is important. More important is...

XML conversion services

Things you should know about XML conversion services

15 April in eBook conversion

There are several professional companies that can assure cost-effective, accurate and swift PDF to XML conversion services. They blend their expertise in data conversion with most sophisticated technologies to assure that the results are impeccable. Formatting Objects Processor, when abbreviated FOP can be used for converting XML...