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WinBizSolutions is a trusted and professional digital conversion and epublishing company offering a wide array of ePublishing services. Having a rich experience in providing varied types of electronic transformations, the specialization covers entire facets associated starting from creation to deliver of final content as per the requirements and exact specifications of the customer.

With mobile devices gaining more and more popularity, digitization is scaling new dimensions and e-books are rapidly replacing books in print.  Converting this trend into an opportunity for our customers by availing extreme quality digital conversion services is what we relentlessly endeavor for.

Digital conversion company
ePublishing services

Our digital conversion services provision cover

eBook conversion

Our eBook conversion is not just about converting varied formats into electronic versions. Our experts can also transform electronic books into a lot of formats such as MS Word, PDF, HTML etc. Services we offer are comprehensive and all-inclusive.

Reflowable EPub conversion

Our brilliant professionals are equipped with the fortitude to leverage the potential of ePub format for ensuring maximum favors for our revered clients. We specialized in converting MS Word, PDFs, printed books, InDesign files etc. into free flow ePub format.

Kindle conversion

Kindle is a favorite choice for many segments of readers owing to its amazing features. We have a prudent professional team that ensures that best features of Kindle devices can be utilized to its core via the books we convert and deliver to them.

Read aloud ePub conversion

In read-aloud ePub while the book is being read via an audio file integrated within, the corresponding text gets highlighted. Readers have complete control over the process of narration. This makes reading an adequately assisted and hassle-free process.

DT book conversion

Digital talking books as its name suggest text with voice over. There is a huge section of people who prefer hearing a book over reading it. This is a boon for those who have visual inabilities and our experts make sure that the content can be easily comprehended by means of stellar quality audios.

XBRL conversion

Businesses these days understand that gathering, analyzing and comprehending financial statements and reports is crucial in making better decisions. This is one among the main reasons why businesses appreciate XBRL data conversion. We offer quality conversion solutions when it comes to XBRL.

HTML conversion

HTML is the best and also the simplest language by which you can create awesome web pages. You can get incredible layouts that responsive and work well on all types of devices including mobile devices. Let our experts get you outstanding HTML conversion outputs.

Fixed layout ePub conversion

Here the content doesn’t realign itself but you can zoon it just like in case of an image. Fixed layouts are ideal for certain categories such as children books, cook books, technical, scientific, medical, picture books etc. We deal with simple, medium and complex ePub fixed format files.

Interactive eBook conversion

Technical adeptness and creative ideas are needed to incorporate interactive elements into an electronic book.  We offer eBook solutions for publishers and all other related in regard of medical books, multimedia books, children’s books , edutainment books etc.

Nook fixed layout conversion

Nook fixed layout is a format in which we possess in-depth knowledge. We know in and out of this format. No matter what application or platform a reader is using, the experience offered is soothing and completely satisfactory. We create stunning visuals that offer pleasure to the readers.

XML conversion

For authors, publishers, libraries and universities etc., converting documents into XML format is very important. This is a cost-effective option and when you rely on us you get your books, manuals, journals, manuscripts, newspapers and everything converted to XML while being assured of highest quality.

PubMed conversion

Created and maintained by NCBI, PubMed allows distribution of biomedical journals to NCBI. Also you get a link towards complete text of articles accommodated in the journal websites. We master PubMed conversion as there is an exclusive team for this specific niche.

Flash to HTML5 conversion

Flash has become outdated and main browsers have already blocked it. At the same time, flash is vulnerable to security issues and hinders quick loading of sites. Want to get flash flash converted into HTML5 swiftly while enhancing quality? We can help!

Benefits of investing in digital publishing

  • First of all, digital conversion is a cost-effective and highly convenient option for all.
  • Electronic documents stay updated as revisions can be done as and when needed.
  • Prospects can easily have access to them; transferring can be done instantaneously.
  • Internal links can be provided to make sure that the reader gets comprehensive details.
  • You can encrypt and selectively share documents to enjoy security and needed level of privacy.

Advantages of outsourcing your ePublishing requirements to us

  • We can handle any format and have multi-linguistic proficiency.
  • Our experts are obsessed towards quality and we always adhere to IDPF standards.
  • Work is completed within quickest turnaround time; we never miss deadlines.
  • You can send files in any format: PDF, XML, HTML, microfilm or microfiche.
  • Quick TAT and cost-effective pricing.


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