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At WinBizSolutionsIndia, the clients we have added to our repertoire is more than an endorsement to the perfection of our eBook conversion services. It in fact testifies the work ethics, philosophies and the constant support we assure for our clients.

ebook formatting services
Professional ebook conversion services

Why eBooks and eBook conversion services are actually important?

Publishing industry has taken a new turn with the innovative concept of digitized books which has climbed sharply to immense popularity in amazingly shorter time period. EBooks save space, add ease, increase security and are easily transferable. They can be more effectively promoted over web and the most alluring upside is the cost-effectiveness of this option.

With so many eBook conversion companies that claim to provide the best conversion services at lowest of prices, identifying a legitimate and customer-centric outsourcing company to approach for availing quality digitization can often be daunting and overwhelming. This makes selecting an efficient service provider a decisive factor for your purpose’s success.

Electronic books are supported by a lot of platforms including Apple iBook store, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Sony and more. Also can be read on devices like Sony eReader,  iPad, kindle and Nook.

What are the services we offer?

We offer a surfeit of superior quality digitization. Our team takes extra care to assure multi-platform and multi-device compatibility to all the outputs we deliver.

We accept files in text, word, PDF, Indesign and provide .ePub, .mobi, .AZW and more outputs be it for re-flowable / standard, fixed or interactive eBooks.


EBook conversion-steps involved

Our team is exceptionally capable to transform documents of any type into formats readable via all popular e-readers. Output formats generated post eBook conversion includes KF8, Mobi, ePub2, ePub3 or ePDF etc.

EBook formats

MOBI/KF8: It is the proprietary format of Amazon and it works exclusively on Amazon devices. They can be sold only via Amazon Store. Amazon is dominant in the eBook retail domain and hence, it is always recommended to have a Mobi version.

EPUB2: This is in fact a default format of the industry and used almost everywhere, except in case of Amazon.

EPB3: Many times referred to as enhanced eBook, these are of great value in terms of experience for children’s eBooks as audio and video are supported.

PDF/ePDF: Actually, this is not an eBook. Even when most of the e-readers can smoothly read PDFs, a king part of the benefits offered by real eBook formats is not present. Say, PDF files don’t have background color, margin size or fonts updated as per user preferences. They are not also accepted by many online retailers.

Fixed layout eBooks

These are designed in such a way that they closely resemble print ready layout. As of now, online stores, Apple devices and Amazon support them.  It’s a more strenuous and time-consuming task. The format is ideal for works that are heavily formatted and need to be displayed in manifold column formats.

Why eBook Creation Services from our company?

Having served countless clients across the world, our offerings are unsurpassed by any other eBook conversion service provider in India; it’s not the pride but our confidence.

  • We realize your needs and channelize our resources to come up with top notch eBook formatting services.
  • We use highly advanced technologies and tools to ensure that each document is completely error-free.
  • Trained professionals run several manual quality checks and rechecks at every level to eliminate errors.
  • Our team always ensures that the electronic conversion meets all your design needs, ideas and effects.
  • We even create eBook cover designs for both print and digital formats as per the need
  • We are obsessed with quality and customer service.
  • Providing relentless support and high value for the investment made, responsibility to clients is our specialty.
  • We can carry out conversions for a wide variety of sources and formats; our processes always stay perfect.

Industries we support include publishing, media, education, finance, libraries, software and more. We provide round the clock support to global clientele including USA, UK, Europe Africa, Australia, Middle East and South East Asia.

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