Ebook cover design is an important tool for its marketing. Readers get a first impression about the book by looking at its cover. The text, graphics, visual elements and other information on the cover create a mood that induces the reader to buy the book. Every reader expects new insights and adventures while reading the ebook. Evidently, an appealing cover reflects the message in the ebook and the author’s ideas, that leverages its sales.

Customers are unable to touch the book physically, they expect certain caricature, designs and information on the cover of these digital books. It is necessary to integrate your ideas, theme of the story or other elements on the cover. In case you need eBook cover design services, you can simply come to us. At WinBizSolutionsIndia, we provide high-quality eBook covers for authors which helps to increase their sales.  An engaging cover lures the readers to go deeper into the book. We have been designing eBook covers over the years. Count on us for reliable services and we can boost up your sales.

Samples of Ebook Cover Designs

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We provide a wide range of cover designing services that can make your product look different in the shelves. You can specify the desired format with additional specifications. The experts working with us will design the cover, tailoring it for your purpose. We collaborate with our clients while developing these covers. Our designers will discuss the theme, target audience and other aspects with you before they come up with the cover. We communicate with our clients as much as possible, in order to understand the design and style they are looking for. The designers ensure that the theme of the book and its genre enjoy a good association with the cover.

We deliver the eBook covers within a few days of taking the order. However, the time for completion of the whole process depends on the complexity of concept as well as the specifications of clients. The professionals on our platform are sincere and dedicated. They come up with the designs well before the deadlines. Besides, you can get these covers custom-designed, as we integrate the necessary changes after they are designed. The high-resolution covers enhance the appearance of the eBooks.

We offer ready-to-upload eBook & paperback cover designs for various platforms like

  • Amazon
  • CreativeSpace
  • Smashwords
  • KDP Print
  • IngramSpark
  • Lulu
  • Kobo
  • iBookStore

Affordable Ebook Cover Designs That You Can Request to Us

Our experts specialized in availing complete graphic design services are adept in producing all the allied elements that you need along with the cover. For instance, you may need web banners along with the eBook covers. You can request for all sorts of related products, like audio book covers, web banners, bookmarks and other elements. After we complete the design, we start working on these elements, to maintain a consistency in looks. Consistency is most crucial if you want to keep a brand or genre identity.

Customers can also get an eBook cover designed, along with a printed cover. However, they can avail the printed cover later on. At WinBizsolutions, we also brand book series. In case you want a particular image to be integrated into the cover, we can help you out. You may provide us with any drawing, photo, sketch or other elements, that needs to be incorporated into the design. You need to attach it to the order form when you place your request. Our designers need a large, high-quality image to produce the desired print design and ebook cover design.

After you make the payment, we transfer all rights over the cover to you. Our clients are free to use it in any desired area. We do not claim any royalty for the cover and our clients will get the full revenue that the cover generates.

Get Professional Ebook Cover Designs for All Genres!

Well, you may have no idea regarding book cover design process. Simply talk to us, our experts are ready to help you out. We listen to our clients, identify their needs and put forward relevant suggestions about the cover design. You may convey your ideas to us, which we will combine with ours and produce a captivating cover.

In case you do not like the cover we produce, we are ready to revise it. We assess the success of our sketching services, book illustration services, and the eBook cover design package as a whole by the satisfaction level of our clients. Our experts are ready to make the design perfect, so they ask all relevant questions before designing the eBook covers.

We do not charge any extra money for integrating images into the cover. The charges for designing the eBook cover includes the prices for all the stock images we use on the cover. We purchase these stock images, so you need not pay extra fees for them. Come to us with your requirements and ask all relevant questions to get a clearer picture of our functional mechanism.

At WinBizSolutionsIndia, you will come across experienced professionals exceptionally talented in custom eBook cover design. When you need any kind of cover designing services, simply count on us as we provide attractive covers at affordable pricing

We are here to help you out.

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