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WinBizSolutions offers top-notch quality ePub 2 and 3 conversion services at a rate that is alluring to customers with almost every fiscal capability.

Along with innumerable mobile operating systems, got initiated a revolution that redefined how people access and read books. It necessitated authors and publishers to make their books go digital. But even then, simple PDF conversion was worthless as different platforms came into being. Some prefer to read eBooks on Sony Reader, while others chose iPhone, iPad or the Amazon Kindle. We also understand this dilemma. Hence we have equipped ourselves to provide extremely operative and superior services that address this issue with precision, brilliance and provide conversion formats that are compatible with these retailers.

Importance of ePub Conversion

Convert to the ePub format and benefits are seamless. A lot of people are creating content every day and a major section of them are preferring to go digital. There is different software available for the same. However, it can’t replace the skills of professional eBook publishers.

We can carry out almost all ePub conversion related projects that include

  • MS Word to ePub
  • PDF to ePub
  • InDesign to ePub
  • ePub files with embedded video

The ambit of our ePub conversion services also encompass

.Mobi to ePub conversion

We specialize in converting Mobi files in ePub which is supported by a wide variety of mobile devices including iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

iPad and iPhone conversion

Our services in regard of iPad and iPhone conversion are affordable. With us, you can publish books on your preferred iOS device.

List of file formats that are supported:

  • InDesign
  • PDF
  • MS Word

Kindle conversion services

Kindle reader supports TXT, AZW, TPZ, .MOBI and PRC. We ensure compact formatting, precision and great quality in the process of conversion.

Assuring compatibility with Sony Reader

Specialists with us avail Sony Reader, ePub conversion by effectively converting source files and then validating them.

List of file formats that are supported:

  • RTF
  • LRF
  • LRX

Conversion of doc to ePub

If you have a word document with you, you may convert it into eBook format for accessing it on iPad, iPhone or any other electronic book readers of your choice. Files of all sizes and layouts are handled.

List of file formats that are supported:

  • PDF
  • RTF
  • Quark

Conversion for Nook Reader

Based on Android platform, Nook Reader is in fact the official electronic device for reading of Barnes and Noble.

List of file formats that are supported:

  • PDF
  • PNG

Why should you choose WinBizSolutions?

We have been assisting customers from across the world with our impeccable interactive eBook conversion services. We guarantee excellence in our services with supreme quality while staying adhered to client-specific guidelines.  Our team knows the importance of submitting work on time and hence we go beyond every hindrance to ensure that the project is successfully accomplished within the agreed deadline.

No matter how much intricate the processes involved are, we have varied pricing packages to make our company the best one to associate with for one and all. We are even flexible to avail customized packages based on your unique needs. To discuss more and in detail, contact us anytime, at your convenience.

Read here some of the benefits of epub3 conversion services

Benefits of outsourcing epub conversion services to us

  • We cater to different formatting demands like XML, Scanned images, InDesign, PDF to ePub conversion etc.
  • Our staff is equipped out with all required hardware and software to perform the process.
  • Over the years, we have devised our own proven and result in yielding conversion techniques.
  • In view of the software limitation, we have devised and applied multi-level manual error checking systems.
  • We always think from the reader’s perspective and sync our competencies to deliver the best reading experience.
  • EPub3 conversion has been on evolution and our requisite talent pool stays adaptive to the changes.
  • We showcase a confluence of highest industry standards and excellent value added conversion services.
  • All our products have highest standards of interactivity as well as user maneuverability in all types of devices
  • We convert diverse file formats into client required conversion formats
  • Fast turnaround time
  • We support and provide multilingual conversion solutions

WinBizSolutions offers a wide array of services to its revered customers and ePub conversion is just one among many. We have with us a band of exceptionally talented and extensively trained people having a great experience.

Need to see our past epub or epub3 conversion works? Want us to do a sample, free of cost?