Interactive eBook conversion services

Interactive ebook conversion services
Interactive ebook creation services

Employing the limitless capabilities of CSS3 and HTML5, WinBizSolutions offer interactive eBook conversion services with visually stunning and compelling view. We assist authors, publishers, libraries, enterprises and educational institutions to create digital interaction electronic books capable of engaging readers and enhancing their reading experience.

Our team specializes in converting digital and print titles into interactive versions by incorporating multimedia content including audio, video, 2D animation, 3D animation, footnotes, annotations and cross-references etc.

Superior features and benefits of interactive eBooks

  • This helps in incorporating native support for SVG and MathML that can add greater user interaction.
  • CSS is incredibly supportive to employ animations, transitions and text shadows.
  • Such eBooks avail improved presentation and styling for contents of the document being converted.
  • Use of functions such as Geo-location, Finger Painting and Canvas makes eBook user experience impressive.
  • It supports to employ various video and audio elements without needing any plugin or flash techniques.
  • These books with HTML5 CSS3 have capabilities like dedicated apps to host your eDocuments thus saving cost.
  • It enhancing the whole reading and learning experience, leverage the possibilities of illustrations and interactivity.

Interactive eBook creation services at WinBizSolutions

As a part of interactive multimedia eBooks creation, we do a wide variety of incorporation; starting from quizzes, puzzles and games in children’s eBooks to videos in cook books and GPS capabilities into travel guides, there is nothing that we can’t do.

The wide range of our services for

  • Children’s books, comics and story books
  • Medical and health education books
  • Travel books and guides
  • Edutainment books
  • Multilingual books
  • Books rich in multimedia
  • Animated books

Our interactive eBook conversion process

  • Design and editorial scrutiny: Consulting, mapping of architecture as well as assessment including different media features like audio, video, animation, visual effects and graphics etc., openers to units, sections, header, lessons and chapters, quotations, bullets and listing styles, side notes, embedded readers, development of functional prototypes, references, quotations and card structure etc.
  • Digital composition and development: Complete interactive eBooks production, development of metadata and programming.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Content proofreading after conversion comparing it with the source file, QA and compliance check for different platforms and UI/UX, testing etc.
  • Implementation and assistance: Final product audit to assure its adherence to highest quality standards defined by the publisher, management of digital rights

Why we are among the best interactive eBook conversion services providers?

Our company has supported numerous clients from diverse industries with a myriad of conversion requirements like Kindle, ePub3, fixed layout format etc, Children books; we have at all times assured highly comprehensive and adept project delivery.  While we take extra care to provide incredible value to the investments made by our clients, we never opt for any shortcuts to success.

  • We have consummate experience in serving clients from around the world with the varied profile.
  • We understand what each client would need to make their product provide immense value to their customers.
  • Our staffs in the office are always kept vibrant through creative and frequent training.
  • We provide ample initiatives to keep our talent amidst all the latent trends and developments.
  • We take advantage of grand opportunities availed by CSS3 and HTML 5 in creating exquisite eBooks.
  • We make sure that all the preferential and postulated quality guidelines are unflinchingly adhered to.

As demand for electronic books with interaction is on the rise, our company is all equipped to provide best eBook conversion services in quickest turnaround time.

For interactive animated eBook conversion, experts with us make use of technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Electronic Books we craft are visually appealing, engaging and compatible with all prominent devices like Google, Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad, Barnes and Nook, Sony eReader, Amazon Kindle and Kobo.

We create inspiring interactive eBooks that are aimed at enhancing user's reading experience