Image masking in Photoshop- what you must know

Adobe Photoshop is a boon for designers. It has made every imaginable thing possible in the realm of designing. One of the most popular and highly valuable techniques for picture processing is image masking services. They are normally used for detaching, eliminating and extracting.

Image masking in Photoshop
Image masking techniques in Photoshop

Image Masking is not a walk in the park; to master it, lot of time and considerable effort is demanded.  Various tools are there for the purpose such as Pen Tool, Magic Wand, Magnetic Lasso and Quick Mask. You can find many more as well. Photo processing is something really crucial and therefore every newly reaching version of Photoshop brings along with it new processing tools. Such tools are easier to use and highly effective.

Mask Layers is comparatively better when compared with other techniques.  There are negligible possibilities for any sort of distortions. Also, the final result will be neat and clean. Thus more professional appearance is bestowed and final photos look great, regardless of their background.

Let us see some of the relevant tools for masking in Photoshop

Background Eraser Tool

For those pictures with blunt edges, this tool is the best. Other tools for the same can’t deal properly with such complex ones.

Magnetic Lasso

Working almost like a magnet, this tool sticks to target boundaries of the picture thus making a boundary that is transparent. While the cursor is dragged in object’s shape, fixing will be carried out. This tool is ideal for pictures with high contrast.

Clipping Path

For cutting images from their background, you may make use of clipping path tool. Apex quality outputs are obtained. This tool is user-friendly and can be used for any type of object.

The above mentioned are some of the proven Photoshop masking techniques on which you can depend confidently.  However, outsourcing to experts has its own irreplaceable and obvious advantages.

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