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16 11, 2022

Top 10 Photo Manipulation Ideas to Boost Your Photo Editing

November 16th, 2022|Photo editing|

Are you attempting to sprinkle some variety in your photo editing process or wanting to stand out from the crowd? Or do you want some inspiration for your next photo manipulation project? Either way, you are at the right place and under the right guidance. To get a competitive edge over your competitors, keep

14 11, 2022

Real Estate Photo Editing Best Practices

November 14th, 2022|Photo editing|

Are you looking for expert tips and best practices to make your real estate photo editing stand out? Or are you a realtor who requires high-end images to attract prospects? If you fall into either of the two categories, this blog is for you. Keep reading until the end, and you will get a

14 11, 2022

6 Best Old Photo Restoration Software (Free and Paid)

November 14th, 2022|Photo editing|

Opening an old photo album is like unlocking the treasure of memories but with the time these memories fade away due to many unwanted and unannounced events like weather or climate change, dust, dirt, warts, etc. These situations are out of human control but what is in our control is the restoration of these

12 10, 2022

Top Tips to Remember When Hiring Real Estate Photo Editor

October 12th, 2022|Photo editing|

Potential buyers are interested in looking at vibrant photographs whenever they search for a new property. Photos and videos play a crucial role in the marketing and sales of the real estate business. Photo editing is critical in the real estate business. Enhancing photographs to their best quality is possible with advanced tools and

14 06, 2022

Mistakes to Avoid While Fashion Photo Retouching

June 14th, 2022|Photo editing|

Do you want to take your fashion image retouching skills to the next level? Start by fixing all these common retouching mistakes. It is essential to master retouching techniques as simple-looking images can become a disaster if they go through lousy retouching. Extreme Retouching is HarmfulThis is the most common mistake committed by fashion

2 06, 2022

High end skin retouching in Photoshop

June 2nd, 2022|Photo editing|

After taking fashion photos of the models, photographers usually face a major problem related to the model's skin. Their skin might have flaws, including roughness, red-eye, acne, scars, etc. Photographers try different ways to remove those flaws with photoshop to touch up pictures but usually fail. Photoshop CC is the best. It is an

18 05, 2022

Image ghosting in real estate

May 18th, 2022|Photo editing|

One of the ways you can achieve attractive images is HDR or bracketed images. In Real estate photo editing, editors need to watch out for every minute detail. The presence of the ghosting effect is one such finer thing that needs to get attention. There are blurs in the images, and we need to

3 05, 2022

Photo Post-Processing Tips to Improve Your Images Quickly

May 3rd, 2022|Photo editing|

Post-processing of photos is as important as good photography, and one can’t go without the other. Surely, photography has its reputation in the industry, but photo retouching is important to make the work look more refined and professional when it comes to the presentation part. There is no harm in saying that post-processing plays

28 04, 2022

Factors Effecting Photo Retouching Service Prices

April 28th, 2022|Photo editing|

A picture is worth a thousand words! We tend to overlook how much money and time goes into creating the perfect flawless photos in this digital world. Images used for commercial purposes go through numerous post-processing stages before the audience can view them. Photo retouching comes in handy, and a mediocre photograph gets transformed

8 04, 2022

How You Can Use Photoshop to Edit Your Interior Design Images

April 8th, 2022|Photo editing|

Organizing a photoshoot is a really troublesome process that interior designers, furniture manufacturers, and architects commonly go through. If you are one of them, you know that you have to ensure that everything is right the very first time because it’s quite hard to re-photograph the same space. While you need to make a

9 02, 2022

5 Tips for Editing Real Estate Drone Shots

February 9th, 2022|Photo editing|

Real estate photography is complete only with high-resolution stunning visuals and aerial shots which are inevitable. Drones change the face of real estate photography. While that being said, the need for skilled and expert photo editors is also on-demand as they would be suitable for editing drone images. Now, here is the

23 11, 2021

What Makes Photo Post-Processing Services Important?

November 23rd, 2021|Photo editing|

High-quality photos have always been in demand, whether you’re an individual trying to get tons of likes on social media, a business trying to promote products and services, or a photographer trying to display a strong portfolio. But, to achieve the same, professional photography isn’t sufficient. To make the images look natural, flawless, and

6 11, 2021

Benefits of Virtual Tours

November 6th, 2021|Photo editing|

Technology has greatly shaped the way how real estate projects are marketed in modern days. Real estate businesses are looking for innovative ways to market their latest projects and virtual tours are one of the modern marketing tools that real estate businesses are using increasingly to boost sales conversion rates. Real estate businesses have

6 11, 2021

Photo Editing Styles

November 6th, 2021|Photo editing|

Editing is an integral part of getting desired photography outcomes as editing can make even ordinary pictures look excellent. Every photographer has to opt for photo editing once his/her photoshoot sessions get over. Before showcasing their pictures to the world, it is highly important for photographers to get their photos professionally edited. Various photo editing

23 09, 2021

Best Photo Editing Software

September 23rd, 2021|Photo editing|

Photo editing software is an essential tool for organizing, optimizing, and editing digital pictures. There was a time when it was only used by professional photographers and photo editors. However, today, it is even used by casual users who merely take photographs with their smartphones. No matter what your reason is, we bring you

7 09, 2021

Editorial Photography Professional Guide

September 7th, 2021|Photo editing|

Many types of photography are in practice today. But, there’s one specific form that helps photographers explore their creative sides without any limitations. Yes, you guessed it right. It is editorial photography. This type of photography has no constraints like commercial photography. It helps the professionals to deploy all the tools at hand to create

31 08, 2021

Free Photoshop Alternatives Software

August 31st, 2021|Photo editing|

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says photo editing software? Many will say Photoshop. It is because Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software and is widely used by professional photographers, designers, and companies to produce high-quality images. But then why are we talking about Photoshop alternatives

22 08, 2021

List of Adobe Photoshop Versions History

August 22nd, 2021|Photo editing|

Adobe Photoshop has managed to remain as one of the top photo editing programs to date. Photoshop history dates back to the early times of the digital era when it was developed by two brothers, Thomas and John Knoll, in 1987. However, Adobe Systems bought the license from them in 1988 and since then,

30 07, 2021

High Quality Image Formats for Designers

July 30th, 2021|Photo editing|

We all are more attracted to images than text. It is one of the significant reasons why all sites, blogs, and articles use images to make them more engaging. Only a minority of websites don’t use images to enrich their content. But the sad reality is that many website owners don’t know which image

30 06, 2021

Luminar vs. Lightroom

June 30th, 2021|Photo editing|

Luminar vs. Lightroom, the debate on which is the best real estate photo editing software is going on for a long time. However, both are excellent image editing tools that can help you to produce the best results. So, if you’re also struggling to choose the best image editing software out of these two,

2 04, 2021

Furniture Photo Editing Tips and Ideas

April 2nd, 2021|Photo editing|

Furniture adds to the value of a property if it is sold along with the home. It even boosts the aesthetic feel of a property if it’s designed in accordance with home interiors. The right type and style of furniture can cast a positive impact on the minds of the target audience. If images of

26 03, 2021

Ways to use floor plans to increase property sales

March 26th, 2021|Photo editing|

Prospective homebuyers give a lot of importance to real estate images while making a purchase decision. While there’s no doubt about the fact that real estate images play a major role in marketing and promotions, they still lack in one major aspect- dimensions. When people look for property in the internet, they want to

30 10, 2020

How to combine photos In Photoshop

October 30th, 2020|Photo editing|

Every now and then, we might have a need to combine images to enhance the look and feel. Not every picture we click is perfect. Sometimes, an image might have the right color and lighting, but the subject has his or her eyes closed. Other times, your subject might be posing perfectly, but there

12 09, 2020

Changing Colors in Photoshop

September 12th, 2020|Photo editing|

Photoshop is one of the easiest tools to use when it comes to color change or replacement. However, due to the vast number of buttons and options available, individuals might get a bit overwhelmed while using it. However, by following this easy guide, you will get to know how to change color in Photoshop and the

15 08, 2020

How to remove white image background in Photoshop

August 15th, 2020|Photo editing|

You may want to eliminate the white background from a photo mainly because of two reasons. First, you may want to create a composite for which you need a cutout and second, you are looking for a transparent form of your logo. Fortunately, Photoshop comes equipped with a lot of features that would allow

20 07, 2020

10 Simple Tips for Image Enhancement Process

July 20th, 2020|Photo editing|

Studies suggest that a human brain responds and processes a picture faster than a thousand texts. It is one of the main reasons for the increased use of photographs and the initiation of various image enhancement activities. It is considered as the most effective means of communicating information and is proven to garner around 94% of

20 07, 2020

How to Crop Photos in Photoshop

July 20th, 2020|Photo editing|

You may want to trim an image for different reasons. For printing or presentation, it becomes important to alter the aspect ratio or physical size of image. You may also want to change image’s composition for focusing on specific part of image by eliminating distractions. If you are capturing the image with camera, turn off

18 07, 2020

White Product Photo Background Advantages

July 18th, 2020|Photo editing|

Product photography is the most important factor in making or breaking an e-commerce business. With a good quality photograph, you can create a very first impression on your audience and make your online business successful. Even if people don’t buy your products, photography still plays a powerful role in influencing them. It is mainly

10 07, 2020

7 Best Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

July 10th, 2020|Photo editing|

A photo isn't a professional photo unless it is edited in a manner that brings out the best in the image. But no matter how excellent your photography is, if your editing job is not up to the mark, all your efforts are in vain. Photo editing or post-processing are indeed tricky, yet a must-have.

23 06, 2020

Guide to Restore Old Photos Perfectly

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Photos are valuable reminders of our past and help us to connect with our memories. They remind us of the wonderful times and relive the feelings, stories, places, people, etc. again. In olden times, people did not have the advantage of using memory cards to store pictures digitally, which is why photo restoration was

23 06, 2020

Professional Photo Retouching Guide

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Photoshop image retouching techniques In the growing age of digitization, photography plays a vital role in communicating ideas and facts. Apart from being a great communication medium, it also helps in keeping your heartfelt memories alive and fresh. Nonetheless, it does take a lot of work to achieve that effect, one of which

23 06, 2020

Sky Image Editing Process in Lightroom

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Lightroom photo editing tricks As a photographer, time and again, you may have faced issues regarding the sky in the picture looking different from what your naked eye sees. Numerous professionals suggest that the same may be corrected by mere adjustment of exposure and saturation level but contrarily, that blurs the foreground of

23 06, 2020

5 simple tips for creating panoramas in Lightroom

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Capturing several images and stitching them to create a stunning panorama is a featured discussion topic these days. Through this post, we will discuss some tips to make this method easier and exceptionally operative. These guidelines can definitely help professionals offering panorama photo stitching services to perform even better. 1. Choosing between Adobe Lightroom and

23 06, 2020

Top photo stitching software (Free & Paid)

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Stunning landscapes and heartwarming panoramas require one thing in common- a robust photo stitching software that helps you to seamlessly tie the beauty of nature into one picture. It is a process that creates a panorama by combining more than one image.  This is mainly performed by applying the technique of overlapping segments.

23 06, 2020

9 step process for panoramic photo stitching

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Panoramic photo stitching process Combing images helps you to perceive the context in more detail. This technique has innumerable benefits other than that.  The good news is that creating panoramic images is now quite easy using Photoshop. The below steps will guide you in getting the desired results. This is the basic method that

23 06, 2020

Top 7 Online Photo Editors Comparison (Pros & Cons)

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

  Microsoft does have an inbuilt tool named Paint but those who have used it very well know that it is too simple to be used frequently; a lot of limitations are there. You can’t work with it for getting professional outputs. At the same time relying on a complex tool like Adobe Photoshop

23 06, 2020

4 Photo enhancement techniques to become a true pro

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Making a ground for oneself as an excellent professional among the myriad of companies that offer excellent digital photo enhancement services is never a walk in the park. However, it is not impossible as long as you know how to fine-tune your skill set. One of the difficult tasks to address while one is

23 06, 2020

Old Photo Restoration using Photoshop

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

how to restore old photos in photoshop Photoshop is not just used to craft unconventional or quirky images. You can use it for a variety of purposes, and one of them is old photo restoration. Even though many tools can help you with restoring old photos in Photoshop, It is also a favorite of

23 06, 2020

Tips for photo manipulation using Photoshop

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

photo manipulation tips What is Photo Manipulation? Photo manipulation is the process of changing a picture in some way, which can be quite subtle or very spectacular. Although physical changes to a negative or print of an image were frequently used to achieve these types of changes in the past, technological advancements have made

23 06, 2020

8 useful Photoshop tools for image masking

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Image Masking tools in Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a boon for designers. It has made every imaginable thing possible in the realm of designing. One of the most popular and highly valuable Photoshop techniques is image masking. They are normally used for detaching, eliminating and extracting. Image Masking is not a walk in the

23 06, 2020

Wedding Photo Editing Tips

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

wedding photo post processing techniques Wedding photographers often have to edit the photos before sending them to their customers. It is an important part of marriage photo editing since it helps in eliminating all the possible errors and helps to attain an outstanding quality of pictures. Editing, in fact, is one of those

23 06, 2020

13 Real Estate Image Retouching Tips to Boost Sales

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Tips for real estate image editing The real estate business is heavily customer-oriented. That is why real estate image retouching is a very important aspect of this business as it can help you to attract potential buyers and investors. People usually prefer searching online for real estate properties, which means that they will be

23 06, 2020

How To Stitch Panoramic Photos with Photoshop

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Outsource real estate panorama photo editing Image merging is a challenging task. If you’ve tried blending two different images into a single large-scale picture in the past, you must know how difficult it is to get a quality image. Producing a quality image through blending is challenging since it is hard to achieve

23 06, 2020

Tips that really work for portrait photo retouching

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Tips for portrait photography retouching Portrait photo retouching is an essential part of the photo editing domain. By using it, you can possibly add glamour and increase the beauty of the portrait pictures by eliminating any defects in it. Creating alluring portraits will help in fetching the attention of the desired prospects, which

23 06, 2020

Overview on Photoshop Clipping Path

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

When it comes to photo editing, plenty of tools and techniques are utilized to improve the photograph’s appeal. Every minute thing can be edited and enhanced so that the entire image looks delightful and alluring. A post-processing technique that is extremely popular for this purpose is the clipping path. The clipping path technique can

23 06, 2020

Advanced clipping path techniques in Photoshop

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Clipping path techniques using Photoshop Sometimes a photograph with you may have a repulsive background and sometimes the background may be salvageable. In all such scenarios, the savior for you is clipping path in Photoshop. Photoshop editing is also about modifying the image in a realistic manner. Even when the background is removed,

23 06, 2020

Fixing Perspective Errors in Photoshop

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Photography is an art where the beauty of real world is captured through the camera lens of the photographer. However, image deformation in various degrees may occur without the control of photographer. Perspective and optical distortions are commonly occurred in photographs.  Optical or lens distortion results from defect in camera lenses ocular design. Perspective

23 06, 2020

Provisions from companies offering real estate sky change

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Three elements constitute realty snap- the unit (property), its vicinity with background and the sky included when capturing is done. It is important that all these parts are capable of enticing the prospects. Editing skies is crucial and must never be overlooked. Many companies are there to offer real estate sky replacement services.

23 06, 2020

Photoshop plugins for windows and mac

June 23rd, 2020|Photo editing|

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful and popular software for photo editing, manipulating, and retouching images. It is used by beginners and professionals alike to improve the quality of images or videos by fixing color, reducing noise, adding effects, maintaining brightness and contrast, and manipulating other attributes. Aside from that, few other add-ons programs, known as Photoshop plugins, are

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