Ever wondered how most of the real estate images have such breathtaking views of sunrises and sunsets, such amazing dawn and dusk scenery that makes the property even more alluring? The secret is in exemplary editing. Real estate photo editing not only refines and polishes an image but also makes it more appealing and enticing to potential home buyers.

Read this blog to find out the best software required for high quality image editing in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Photo Editing Software and Apps

Real Estate Photo Editing Applications

With the advent of the latest technologies, real estate photographers, real estate agents, and brokers all use advanced image editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc., to remove blemishes, fix saturation and shadows, adjust the contrast, and much more. Without robust post-processing, it is a challenge to close deals faster.

The editor needs the best software with high-end features and tools for excellent editing. Professional real estate image editors can leverage those software to create outstanding views for prospects. This blog rounds up 10 such software that will guide any real estate photo retoucher to take their images one-notch-up.

What is Real Estate Image Editing, and What Does It Include?

It is a digital process of modifying and enhancing an already existing image with special techniques using editing software. The edits can be done to improve the overall quality of the image or just some parts of it.

The ideal objective for any real estate image editing is to increase the appeal of the image, increase the property’s worth, and persuade the prospect to make the purchase. The significance of image editing for any industry lies in the fact that images captured on digital cameras, scanners, or any other image-capturing device may not turn up to be perfect, thus, hampering brand image.

That’s the reason it is in such demand, with more and more marketers preferring a powerful photo of their properties to be showcased to their target audience.

The real estate photo editing service includes a lot of different technical work from image editors. For example, it involves using advanced editing software like Photoshop and other tools to improve and enhance an image. Some more precise aspects included in the process are-

Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software and Applications (Apps)?

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop real-estate photo editing software

    The Swiss army knife for all kinds of photo editing purposes, Adobe Photoshop is hands-down the best software an editor can ever get. An all-purpose, high-end editing tool that has specifically designed features to perform editing of the highest quality. Photoshop is perfect for intermediate editors and professionals with all its extensive features to adjust brightness, contrast, perspective, color, saturation, and so many others.

    • $9.99/month
    • Microsoft Windows, macOS
  • Adobe Lightroom

    Adobe Lightroom real-estate photo editing software

    The go-to software for most photo editors, Adobe Lightroom, offers a vast range of editing features like exposure adjustment, saturation level fixing, color, brightness and contrast correction, lens fixing, perspective correction, camera reflection and flash removal, object addition and removal, and many more. It has an extremely easy user interface and is a particular favorite for those editors fond of HDR images. Merging several photos of different exposures and creating one great shot is incredibly easy in Lightroom.

    • $9.99
    • Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
  • Aurora HDR

    Aurora HDR real estate photo editing tool

    A premium photographic tool with an intuitive interface for efficient color correction and grading, split toning, batch processing, layer masking, HDR editing, lens correction, detail extractor, and many more editing functions for property photos. In addition to these, Aurora HDR also has an Auto-Align feature that can easily align the images in the layers panel.

    • One-time purchase of $99
    • Mac, Windows PC
  • Luminar Neo

    Luminar Neo real estate photo editing tools

    A very powerful editing program that comes with advanced features and a user-friendly interface, Luminar Neo is appropriate for beginners in real estate image enhancement. It has an AI-driven image editor that helps editors speed up their workflow, thus amplifying efficiency. Such AI real estate photo editing tools are the most perfect for new-age consumers who prefer to view their products virtually anywhere, anytime.

    • $79 for a lifetime license
    • macOS, Windows
  • Photomatix Pro

    Photomatix Pro real estate photo editing tool

    Best known for its efficient batch editing mode that allows editors to select multiple images, blend them into one single image, and make the edits on the final image. This saves a lot of time and reduces the chances of double edits or any kind of repetition. Ideal for professional editors specializing in property images, which require realistic shadows, contrast, and highlights.

    • One-time purchase of $99
    • Windows, Mac, iPhones, and iPads
  • Snapseed

    Snapseed real estate photo editing app

    An easy-to-use, best real estate photo editing app – Snapseed, has gradually become the hot favorite of many photo editors who are into editing on the go. That is, they can perform precise editing functions on Snapseed on their Smartphones. Necessary edits like brightness, contrast, color, and exposure – all these can be done with Snapseed in a hassle-free manner.

    • Free
    • iOS, Android
  • VSCO

    VSCO, pronounced as “visco”, formerly known as VSCO Cam, is an excellent choice for real estate photo post-processing. It is a comparatively new mobile app with a very easy user interface, and more than 130 preset filters. Editors can edit and share the images through VSCO, fixing major photography issues like exposure, contrast, and grain.

    • Free 7-day trial and then $19.99/year
    • iOS, Android
  • Exposio Real Estate Camera

    Exposio Real Estate Camera

    Photo editors can edit and develop stunning property images with this app, which is best for beginners. Exposio has a highly intuitive interface ideal for capturing HDR and wide-angle pictures. The Exposio photo processing engine is designed primarily for the real estate sector; the app mixes different exposure shots together and creates an attractive blended image.

    It also has a strong sky replacement feature called “Blue Sky” that helps an editor replace a grey, gloomy sky with a beautiful, clear blue sky within seconds.

    • $9.99 for 11 credits
    • $9.99/month for 25 credits
    • $0.99 for one credit
    • iOS, Android
  • Diptic

    Diptic real estate image editing software

    If you want to tell a great story through your edited photos, then Diptic is your one-stop solution. It is an excellent app for creating professional-looking collages and has almost 180 filters, layouts, before and after photo presentation sequences, and other robust editing features. This app is the best a real estate image retoucher can get to edit and compile shots.

    Users can easily import photos from their cameras, Facebook, Flickr, etc. It also gives the option to export the edited files in HD and directly share them via email and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter.

    • $2.99
    • iOS, Android
  • TouchRetouch

    TouchRetouch real estate image editing software

    This app best removes unwanted objects from photos and gives them a clean, decluttered look. This is helpful for buyers and brokers alike to focus on the key highlights of the property and not get distracted by any unwanted elements in the photo.

    • $1.99
    • iOS, Android

    This was a list of some of the best free real estate photo editing software and apps, as well as paid ones, that photo editing artists can leverage for their work.

Final thoughts

Though editing real estate property images might sound daunting initially, with continuous practice and the right software, one can achieve a level of perfection. The above-mentioned software for real estate photo retouching are all immensely potent and convenient to use for post-processing and retouching work. Apart from that, there are professional agencies that have years of experience and expertise across a vast range of industries and can offer the best real estate photo editing services.

We hope this handy guide to the best real estate photo editing software will be helpful to all those photo editing professionals who want to make their workflow more efficient and upgrade their editing skills. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments. You may also leave them below in the comment section; we’ll surely discuss them in our following blogs.

Good luck with your editing!