Aerial photo editing services

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Real estate businesses all around the world depends immensely on aerial photography, both in print and on web. This adds more vigor in the actual promotion processes. Showing a property captured via aerial photo is nothing short of making a prospective customer feels that he has physically visited the property. Thus, the imperativeness of finest quality aerial photographs are obvious.

However, the agonizing fact is that even the best photographer may not be able to ensure flawless snaps always. This is why you needed the assistance of expert companies providing exceptional aerial photography editing services.

Services that we provide

Drone image color cast removal

We eliminate or tone down all sorts of color casts to make the drone photos appear superior. For the same, advanced software programs are used.

Photo color correction

There may be fluctuations in the drone pictures snapped. Some colors may appear to be different and contrast with the actual colors in real world. Our experts do the needful corrections to make the color appropriate.

Adjustment of hue, level and saturation

Weather is a critical factor determining the way a snap looks. In case if the condition is adverse, the photographs become subjected to many issues. All different aspects of photographs like level, saturation and hues are adjusted by our experts.

Perspective correction

In case of any perspective distortion, let it be horizontal or vertical, we will fix it perfectly. Tilted structures are made to appear corrected and the output gets a more refined look. This is helpful, especially in case of real estate photographs.

Sky replacement or color change

In the drone images, sky should be looking great or else the level of attractiveness nosedives. Our experts can make adequate real estate sky change or complete replacement based on the clients specific demands.

Sometimes, the camera may fail you to snap the needed panoramic view. In such a situation, our experts can stitch various separate images to provide a complete 360 degree view. We know all the techniques involved. 

Virtual tours

Using the captured drone pictures, we can create a virtual tour of 360 degree covering the whole property to avail a realistic and comprehensive view to the customers.

Nothing repels away prospects that images that are unedited and artificial. Our mavens check every relevant feature and carry out optimal editing processes to make the output appear amazing.

Many times, it is not that easy or even possible to capture images in the dark or night because of many reasons. However, there may be demand to see the property in dark setting. For the same, our experts can do the needful conversion to make the pictures appear as if the shooting was done at night.

Drone image blending

Sometimes, you may knowingly or unknowingly take snaps of the same location by setting exposure values as different. This makes it necessary to blend them. The professional editors with us blend such affected photographs to generate the intended results.

Shadow editing

Shadows most of the times doesn’t appear when images are shot using drones. However, shadows are needed to make the pictures appear professional and natural. Our experts add or edit the shadows as needed.

Photo density correction

If the pixel density fail to come out as you needed, we also offer density correction for drone images as a part of our services. This helps in making your picture enjoy higher quality.

Tools for drone image editing we use

Quality of photo editing always rely a lot on the tools used and we know this very well. We work on wide variety of formats including JPEG, TIFF, PSD, CAD, DWF and DXG etc.  Our company adheres to global quality standards and multiple phases of quality checks are conducted to ensure unmatched level of quality. The role played by the tools we use is very crucial; some of the main software packages we leverage include

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • PTGui
  • Lightroom

Editing real estate aerials photos

While snapping, weather conditions may not be favorable and this can be seriously troublesome. Owing to this, many mistakes can be there which need to be eliminated. This makes it important to hire aerial image editing experts who are knowledgeable enough to do a decent overhaul for making the required corrections.  All imaging issues are solved when appropriate techniques are made use of and for that you need to be associated with the right people.

Let it be for basic aerial photography editing or high level tweaking, WinBizSolutions can avail impeccable solutions. Having served to the complex of needs and toughest of images, we know what all it takes to ensure remarkable class of images.  Few among the many processes we execute are:

  • Correction of colors and removal of color cast
  • Adjustments of contrast and brightness
  • Adjustments of hues, levels and saturations
  • Enhancement of still images
  • Correction of perspectives
  • Replacement of changing of sky colors
  • Editing of HDR images
  • 360 degree Panorama stitching
  • Virtual tours

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