Photo clipping services

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This is a masking process by which desired areas of an image is highlighted and the unwanted elements are kept hidden. Normally, this technique finds application when a background has to be concealed or an image has to be transformed to any desirable shape.  Thus unwanted portions are either made transparent or colored.

Such images are used in brochures, catalogs, posters, flyers, magazine, and artworks and even in eCommerce websites.  This technique is a real boon for publishing houses, ad agencies, graphic designers, website designers and photographers etc.

image clipping services

Outsource Photo Clipping Path Services to WinBizSolutions

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Our professional image clipping services

We use pen tool of Photoshop to draw vector paths around the images.  From the unnecessary background, the relevant subjects are segregated out. Further, paths are used for making selections or in case if you want to import images into InDesign, QuarkXPress or other similar pagination applications, path is predictable.

Photo Clipping services by us include

  • Multiple paths creation for correcting of colors and retouching
  • Perfecting hard edged product shots
  • Transparent or colored background

As different companies from varied verticals outsource image clipping services requirements to us, we very well understand that the level of snipping needed fluctuates significantly. Therefore, as a reasonable clipping path service company, we have categorized our packages based on the complexity level and project inclusions as

  • Basic : The process includes working on images with straight and smooth edges.
  • Complex : Here photos having curves, rough surfaces and edges, say, flowers, jewellery etc. are edited
  • Compound : This involves blend of many paths for different products or else colors within the same image.
  • With shadow : A natural shadow is added thus providing more realistic appearance.
  • With reflection : Mirror-like reflection is provided thus giving a good 3-dimensional look

Why our image clipping services are among the best in industry?

  • We have a horde of skilled artists who are highly qualified and properly trained.
  • We are not merely Photoshop clipping path services professionals but also committed individuals.
  • Besides Photoshop, we master advanced software like Illustrator, CorelDraw, QuarkXPress and Fireworks etc.
  • Our team is capable to assure the shortest turnaround time while maintaining highest class of quality.
  • We can deal will all image formats including JPEG, PSD and TIFF etc.

We provide high quality image clipping and masking solutions for eCommerce product photographers, web stores, digital studios, production firms, and agencies to our global customers across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Norway, UAE and more.

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