Virtual Staging Services

WinBizSolutions is your one-stop strategic partner for all digital solutions related to real estate. Our experienced team realizes that each opportunity must be capitalized on to stay ahead in the competitive race.

At WinBizSolutions, we know that temperaments of customers are guided by whims i.e. if they fail to visualize the appeal of the decor of interiors of potential properties and compatibility with their lifestyles, they would outright decline your offer. We never allow such a gloomy situation come your way by efficiently leveraging our competence in virtual staging services to help present your properties in a well-appointed manner on a digital canvas.

Virtual staging solutions: making vacuous interiors come alive

WinBizSolutions has been helping numerous real estate developers monetize on their projects by fetching them profitable deals with the help of our expertise in ‘Virtual Staging’. As a mainstream digital service provider, our top-notch digital furnishing service makes interiors of properties for sale become vibrant with colorful digital themes, styles, designs and hues.

Our resource self-sufficiency, infrastructural prowess, and best in class digital experts can cater to virtual staging needs of all types, scales and complexities. We harness the potential of state of the art and contemporary software and three-dimensional digital tools to create realistic, neat, crisp, alluring, prim, and statement-making furnished interiors. Dimensionally accurate and physically compatible, the 3D interiors when rendered would transfix the onlookers with cool, seductive looks that would make the imaginations of prospective buyers go on a flight.

Our virtual staging services for real estate properties include

WinBizSolutions gives an edge to your business proposition by letting you seal deals lightning fast and at the desired price. Unbelievable it may seem, but the fact is that virtual staging for real estate can pull off sales comparatively faster relative to un-staged or conventionally staged properties. Your space would be transformed 360 degrees at a nominal price and spark would be added to furnished, empty or interiors requiring to revamp.


  • Use of virtual paintbrush to paint the property walls in attractive colors and hues
  • Flat surfaces can be virtually decked up with colors of your choice
  • Accentuate the appeal of decor by virtually substituting old wallpapers with a bright hue


  • Removal of unwanted clutter from the interiors post-shooting of scenes
  • Mess and disheveled looks of countertops, kitchen shelves, tables, bookshelves, shoe shelves etc. would be set right to prevent any distraction
  • Elimination of any snags that may pose a hindrance in an optimum visualization of the potential of interiors by prospective customers
  • Visually appealing furnishing and showpieces are left intact within the digital version of a room


  • Space is completely transformed as per your instructions and expectations
  • Room and interiors are stripped of an entire array of present furnishings and décor elements leaving only walls, floors, and top to be redecorated as per your desire
  • Get inserted new and contemporary furniture, decor items, wallpapers, ceiling chandeliers, floor tiling and other prepping to enhance the visual appeal of virtual property Virtual furniture staging can elevate the overall grace.


  • Give a sense of photographing of exteriors during twilight hours to enhance the curb appeal with alluring views
  • Capture the surreal idyll between nightfall and dusk
  • Steer clear of restrictions imposed by conventional photography; present your exteriors in warm hues irrespective of weather

How we provide our real estate as well as home staging solutions?

  • WinBizSolutions requires images of your property interiors and exteriors. Amateur photos snapped by you or professional photographers are accepted.
  • Each demarcated space for which you would require virtual staging service should be clearly spelled out. Based on the magnitude and complexity of your needs, we would quote our prices and estimated completion schedules
  • Upon receiving your consent, we would seek your special instructions and also enquire about the purpose of various rooms for which photos have been provided so that adequate virtual staging can be done
  • Allocation of resources and chalking out of PERT chart to complete your project within time
  • 2D drawings are submitted for your perusal and approval
  • Once you like the blueprint, work on 3D modeling is started and color, texture, and lighting are added strategically for a spectacular effect
  • 3D virtual staged design shared with you to seek your feedbacks and accommodate the same
  • Final design is subjected to clean-ups and quality assessments before delivering to you

WinBizSolutions provides you the 2D and 3D images and models in all popular formats. This would facilitate you to deploy them on your website or presentations and even take prospects on a virtual walkthrough. Alternately, you can get them printed for putting up on brochures, flyers etc. for optimized promotion.

Industries we support

WinBizSolutions, being one of the best virtual staging companies has been catering to real estate clients and other related industry verticals for long. Our seasoned team of creative digital artists and real estate photography editing experts has been serving the virtual staging oriented professional requirements of

  • Builders, Developers, and Real Estate Agents
  • Furniture manufactures and retail sellers
  • Interior designing firms and decor artists
  • Publication houses dealing in fashion and architectural magazine
  • Studios

Why to choose our virtual staging company?

  • Property and interior images can be presented in a photo realistic manner to help your prospects visualize the potential from various angles which would drive more sales and increase your popularity·
  • Home images can be showcased with decked up interiors and exteriors for expediting sales; our experts also specialize in photo post-processing services.
  • Saving of time, money and efforts without compromising on quality; we keep the virtual staging costs minimal·
  • Property interiors can be embellished with customized designs and furniture to help your customers visualize personal themes·
  • Raw image of property can be transformed into well-appointed decor with proper and dimensionally strategic lighting exposure, textured blocks, brightness, hues, themes, showpieces, placements, and designs.

Trust WinBizSolutions for awesome results

WinBizSolutions uses most updated and feature-rich 3D rendering technologies to create tantalizing atmospherics for your properties to help turbocharge your sales, credibility, and popularity. Our turnaround time is the lowest in the digital industry and our rates cost competitive and reasonable. We, as of one of the best virtual staging companies help trigger dramatic sales by offering you versatile 3D renderings of virtually staged properties that can be used in diverse manners to optimize exponential sales and consistent revenue inflows.

If you are planning to outsource virtual staging services, reach us! We would be happy to assist.