Opening an old photo album is like unlocking the treasure of memories but with the time these memories fade away due to many unwanted and unannounced events like weather or climate change, dust, dirt, warts, etc. These situations are out of human control but what is in our control is the restoration of these old photos to keep the memories intact.

With technological advancement there is a lot of photo restoration software available in the market today that can revive the old photos to make them look new and beautiful again.

Old Photo Restoration Software free and paid

In this article we have compiled a list of best image restoration software that are in trend in the industry and are tried and tested by many subject matter experts who highly recommend them along with their prices and availability.

But before that you need to understand why there is a need for photo restoration software?

Photo Restoration Software- The Need

Time is the biggest player and it takes away even the most beautiful and cherished memories of one’s life. We can’t do much about the memories that stay in one’s mind but with technological advancement, we can surely bring back the memories that were captured in the past using a camera.

This is why photo restoration has been widely accepted to bring those beautiful moments back to life using human skills and of course some software.

Let us now look into the most appreciated and widely used old photo restoration software in the industry today for both beginners and pros along with prices and specifications.

List of 6 Best Photo Restoration Software

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC

    Old photo restoration using Photoshop

    Old photo restoration using Photoshop has never been easy, the reason is simple, this software is user-friendly and the interface is very easy to use even for the ones who have very little knowledge of this software.

    Apart from this, it also allows the users to restore and edit the photos to match it up to a certain professional level. This is why it is most popular even among the professional photo editors.

    Restoring old photos in Photoshop is easy thanks to an extensive selection of Photoshop tools and other features that are giving new ways to editing the old photos to give a more real to life feel in the final output.


    • User-friendly interface
    • Top-grade updates
    • Extensive selection of tools
    • Compatible formats for almost every editor

    Price Range: $19, 99 per month

  2. Wondershare PixCut

    Wondershare PixCut photo restoration software

    This software is also one of those that are user-friendly for beginners and those who have very limited idea about the process of photo restoration.

    Using this software, you can restore old photos at ease and it also helps in removing any unwanted objects from the same to give it a new or refined look.


    • AI-Powered Background Remover
    • Bulk Background Removal
    • Watermark Removal/ Clear Blurry Backgrounds
    • Helps in Adding Custom Backgrounds

    Price Range: $7.99

  3. Inpaint

    inpaint remove unwanted objects

    Inpaint is software that is gaining popularity among both beginners and professionals. It allows you to remove any unwanted objects and people from the picture that is to be restored, and even this software allows you to change the skin tone, remove skin defects, wrinkles, and others to bring out the beauty of the pictures in the most natural way.


    • Algorithm based on neural networks
    • Improved memory usage
    • Improved usability and stability
    • Magic Wand tool optimized
    • Added shortcuts for tools.

    Price Range: $19, 99

  4. PhotoWorks

    PhotoWorks photo restoration Software

    When it comes to photo restoration, PhotoWorks is the most chosen software among the editing fraternity. Be it erasing the lint’s, scratches, dust etc. from the photo and it even erases the creases from the folded pictures just like magic!

    This software has the capacity to restore even the dullest of images in the most refined manner like textures, colors and even values that are smoothly blended to make it look natural.


    • Raw file compatibility
    • Perfect tools for quick adjustments (basic)
    • Standard restoration capabilities
    •  Good grain and noise reduction

    Price Range: Free

  5. Imgkits

    Imgkits photo restoration Software

    This software has its own specifications that separate it from the other photo restoration software’s. It turns your old images into high-resolution ones while elevating the resolution without even compromising the quality of the pictures.

    Apart from this, another distinct feature of this software is that it colorizes the black and white image using Artificial Intelligence in a nick of time.


    • Colorize B&W photos at ease
    • Elevates photo resolution to bring life to the photos
    • Removes scratches, marks from the pictures
    • Fast editing

    Price Range: $0.5/image, $8.99/month (Premium Plan), $18.0/month (Business Plan)

  6. AKVIS Retoucher

    AKVIS Retoucher photo restoration Software

    This is dual usable software that can be used both as a standalone program and as a plugin, quite similar to the Abode Elements. The best part of this software is to just select the area you want to restore and then sit back and relax, and let this program do its job. It automatically clears dust, stains, creases and any other such issues from the picture.


    • Reconstruct missing parts
    • Removes dust, scratches and stains
    • Eliminates irrelevant objects like wires, bins, people, etc.
    • Quick & efficient

    Price Range: 

    • Home Plugin- $87
    • Home Standalone- $87
    • Home Deluxe- $98
    • Business- $154
    • Plugin + Standalone

Photography is a different realm in which we keep our memories safe but with time these photos fade away because of unwanted or uninvited reasons. But now with technological advancements we can preserve those memories by reviving the photos.

This is why we have compiled the best and most advanced image restoration programs for you and we hope this will guide you in choosing the best according to your projects.

Apart from this, there are several professional photo restoration services that are serving in the most refined way and deliver the best of two world’s kind of results.

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