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A prominent printer service provider approached us with considerable issues in their customer service. The company was facing serious downfall in the satisfaction level of the customers as their inbound call centre had an alarming call abandonment rate of about 40- 45%. This resulted in a situation where the unanswered queries of the customers were piling up and the overall satisfaction level of the customers slumped by more than 50% which reflected on their monthly revenue. The client was extremely unhappy with their call abandonment rate and the future prospects of the company. As such, the client wanted to increase the customer satisfaction levels by associating with a professional call center outsourcing company and it was during this point of time that we were approached by the client.

The Requirements of the Client

Before creating a strategic plan, the experienced team of WinBizsolutionsIndia decided to conduct an extensive analysis of the client’s concern.

After the investigation, we were able to ascertain the following:

  • The existing call center facility of the client seriously lacked the right human resource, process, and technical infrastructure.
  • The human resource of the service provider did not have adequate domain expertise to render support to the customers.
  • The inbound technical support processes that were used by the client were not of a reliable and efficient BPO perform.

As per the insights that we gathered from our analysis, we created an appropriate and efficient strategy for the client based on their exact inbound technical support requirements so as to improve the satisfaction levels of their customers.

The Solution

Having years of experience in supporting numerous businesses from a wide range of industrial verticals, the inbound call centre team of WinBizSolutionsIndia conceived and designed a unique BPO platform capable of addressing and meeting all the unique requirements of the client.

We tried to slash the rate of call abandonment and improve the customer satisfaction level way beyond the original levels by implementing certain strategic inbound tech support processes.

  • We setup a team to address the inbound technical support requirements of the client’s customers.
  • We ensured that the team setup for the client had exceptional domain expertise to render appropriate support needed by the client’s customers.
  • By intelligently integrating and creating a multi-channel platform for the customers to interact with the support team, we were able to reduce the turnaround time.
  • Since there were a lot of pending queries of the customers to be dealt with in the first place, we began with 20 customer support agents. As the queries were addressed, the number of agents was further reduced to offer economy of scale to the client.
  • As per the inbound call requirements of the client, we were able to offer date time support by introducing multiple shifts.
  • In order to handle an increasing volume of call at peak business periods, we decided to offer 24/7 technical support to the client.
  • We also worked hard to considerably reduce the waiting time of the customers and introduced voice mail services for all the customers who were made to wait for more than two minutes on the line.
  • In order to address the issues of the customers whose calls were dropped, we arranged a team to provide call-back services to the customers and address their issues effectively.
  • Throughout the project execution phase, we have constantly worked hard to improve the quality of the tech support services by refining, upgrading, rectifying, and improvising our customer support

The Outcome of the Project

In a short span of time, our support was able to improve the satisfaction level of the client’s customers to a significant extent apart from improving the quality of the overall inbound technical support. The client was extremely happy with the following results that our inbound call center services could generate:

  • We were able to reduce the call abandonment rate from an intimidating 40% to an exceptional 6.3%.
  • We were also able to help the client improve their reputation considerably, and the satisfaction level of the customers rose from 51% to 94%.

Our team at our inbound technical support call center was able to achieve the results within a time span of three months and the results reflected well on the increasing revenue of the client. At the end, the client was extremely satisfied with the quality, professionalism, and infrastructure that we demonstrated to help the client get back on the track to offer exceptional customer service to their valuable customer base.

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