One of the ways you can achieve attractive images is with HDR or bracketed images. In real estate photo editing, editors need to watch out for every minute detail. The presence of the ghosting effect is one such finer thing that needs attention.

There are blurs in the images, and we need to clean them up to maintain their crisp view. Replicating the actual scene in the best possible way is what we do in real estate photo editing.

how to remove ghosting in real estate photos

Ghosting is a huge possibility and requires intervention by the photographer or the real estate HDR photo editing service provider. Ghosting is caused by cameras that are intertwined with the speed of the shutter or with movement.

Real estate photo editing is an unavoidable process that must be done after every photo shoot. Why? not just to make it beautiful but also to get the image corrected.

What is Image Ghosting

Photo ghosting is referred to as the flare type that occurs when the light gets reflected off the surface of the lens.

  • Ghosting portrays an object within the image
  • These are not drawn from any paranormal reasons
  • It happens due to the movements in between photos
  • That movements cause an object to leave its existing location
  • It can be in blurs or just a merger of two or more misaligned objects.

What Are the Influencing Factors?

  • Elements inside lens

    • To correct all the spherical aberrations, a camera lens has multiple lenses inside
    • The diverse lens elements can determine how the light is reflected
  • Coatings on lens

    • The lens elements on a lens change in shape and number
    • They have different coatings.
    • Ghosting and lens flare is impacted by the quality and the type of coating.
  • Lens aperture

    • Aperture change can cause ghosting.
    • According to the shape of the aperture, the ghost will be shaped.
    • That’s the reason you have to try using different lenses.

How to Remove Ghosting in the Photos or Pictures

With real estate photo editing, even the hardest stains can be removed. Using the right software, you can pull off the photos that would be considered the ghosting phenomenon. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Enable a layer mask
  • Make the ghosted part white by inverting your selection
  • Please create a new layer and fill it with a clone stamp for a homogeneous view.
  • Keep the sample locked in by removing the aligned option.
  • The layer needs to be painted
  • Opacity needs to be adjusted, making it look more solid
  • Now it’s time to save your work.

Removing Ghosting From a Single Long Exposure

One image taken by a photographer can be referred to as a single-exposure image. It is taken when the area has all the required exposure available. Both indoor and outdoor shots can be included in this. It would be best to deal with the exposure, and it is the most crucial when you have low exposure to areas.

  • Eliminating the ambient light is the easiest way to avoid ghosts within a scene.
  • The objects captured by the sensor of the camera are only illuminated
  • Mixing ambient light and flash creates unique outputs

Removing Ghosting From Multiple Exposures

  • It is a shot that consists of images taken from the same angles but with diverse exposure areas.
  • These are the images taken indoor
  • Photographers need to take 3 to 8 shots to get much exposure in the area

The process goes on as follows:

  • The image needs to be imported into an image blending software
  • To make it one single image, you need to infuse them
  • Export the image and again import it into a software
  • Proper settings adjustment has to be done.


Ghosting is referred to as a phenomenon in real estate photo editing. Such things are minute and require a keen eye. It is important to find a reliable partner for all your property photo editing requirements!

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