WinBizsolutions is a reliable prepress service providing company having vast experience in providing cross-media prepress service. Cost-effectiveness, timely delivery & innovation are the factors that have made us the most prominent prepress service provider in this domain. We have a dedicated team of professionals producing the best results with years of industry experience and varied skills. They are the experts who provide exceptional outcomes through their updated editorial skills.

Our prepress service begins with design and ends with printing. We are the leading prepress service providers for worldwide publishers for conversion services and end-to-end processing. Our work is closely related to the publishers, specializing in a wide range of deliverables, including journals, magazines, catalogs, books, and more.

We are the prepress and pre-media service providers providing print and digital formats. All our services are cost-effective and help assist organizations that need enhancement to manage their documents. We have the best talents bringing their progressive ideas into life with the latest technology to give our clients the best prepress solutions. Our pre-media and prepress services include HTML conversions, layout & composition, Ebook conversions, and a lot more to help you achieve all your publishing needs.

What we offer in prepress services

We have a team of digital prepress professionals well-versed in managing the content publishing lifecycle. We provide Pre-media and Prepress Services, including editing, proofreading, graphic designing, etc., for different verticals, including legal, medical, financial, engineering, and a lot more. Outsource prepress services to us, and get all our content digitization services at a cost-effective rate. Catering to the needs of global clients, we have been providing all these services with a streamlined process workflow.

Our prepress service offerings are described below

  • Prepress production services

    Taking your print job to the printing press has to move several steps from the initial concept and design to the actual final print. Attention to every detail makes us unique among all other competitors.

  • Graphic Design Services

    Digital proofing, redrawing, resizing of images, and other graphic reproductions are all included in our graphic design services.

  • Typesetting Services

    Our experienced typesetters help compose crisp and clean layouts, ensuring a wide range of typesetting services.

  • Proofing Services

    As proofreading plays a vital role in prepress activities, we also have trained proofreaders who check proofs for complete correctness.

  • Content Digitization

    If you need your documents to be electronically converted, our content digitization experts can do it for you with the latest technologies tailored to meet different publishing styles.

We have a team of professionals working for customized project delivery according to industry standards and user demand.

What are our core competencies?

  • We help you manage end-to-end book production, journals, and editorial services.
  • We have experts who assist you with your graphic designs, image alterations, layout changes, retouching, and proofreading for digital and print needs.
  • No doubt that we help you with the highest levels of accuracy as our experts rely on high-end technology.
  • Our simple and user-friendly approach helps you get your content published on multiple platforms seamlessly, saving your time and increasing productivity.

Hire us for your prepress requirements

We have skilled technicians who convert diverse document formats into the chosen digital format for the clients. In addition, our team can help in customized graphic content production, typesetting, proofing, redesign, and conversion. Winbizsolutions is the leading prepress service provider catering to the requirements of global clients. We have a streamlined workflow to ensure our services are executed with utmost perfection. You just need to Outsource prepress services to us, and we will make it easy for you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Our prepress service includes HTML conversion, creative graphics designs, proofreading, and typesetting services. In addition, we have digital prepress professionals who help you with the end-to-end execution from planning to design.

For every document supplied, we will provide you a new written quote based on the word count, the document style, design brief, etc. The cost will depend upon the complexity, styling, and work design. This quote will also include the sample pages and the revisions to those sample pages until it gets approved by the client. Further corrections (if any) will be charged.

You will have to provide us with the manuscript (final) / or the Microsoft Word document. We prefer receiving a styled document; however, it’s not mandatory. An indication of the design or a detailed design brief is required to move forward like

  • What is the type size needed?
  • What’s the Font choice preferred?
  • Are running heads required?
  • Do you prefer a drop cap, illustration, or other design elements?
  • What is the trim size of the final book/document needed?
  • Is there a section for pictures, and if yes, how many pages will be there?
We have an expert team to review the work at every stage of the typesetting process. They will scrutinize and check out

  • Whether the work is styled according to the manuscript, the printout of the word document will be handy for our team to check the PDF created from the InDesign file.
  • Whether proper paragraphs and indents are maintained, styled, and spaced.
  • Hyphenation if correct and look whether the page doesn’t end with a hyphen and is minimum.
  • Orphans and short lines are avoided or not.
  • There is consistency in style throughout the quotes, folios, tables, points, and running heads.
  • Endnote and footnote numbering and if they are styled with superscript.
We have a team capable of converting documents into Epub and Mobi files. Please go through our publishing page in the services section to know the entire details. We can provide a quote for the Indesign files created by any other party for its digital conversion. The costs will vary according to the setup of the files.