Chat support services

Get superb class of cost-effective live chat support from the experts. Outsource to WinBizSolutionsIndia and enjoy completely personalized and comprehensive range of solutions.No matter whether your products or services are technical or non-technical, our talented and skilled specialists are capable of handling all your online interactive requirements with perfect professionalism.

Off shoring chat process is not complicated in sense that it is pre -configured online without additional add- ons nor it requires any modules to be installed by the site visitor. By default it uses browser based functionalities. All the visitors have to do is click on chat help button on the site to initiate session with customer care executive and get real time support for their queries.

Online chat support services

Why should you outsource live chat customer support services?

There are huge benefits of incorporating online real-time support in your website. Some of the main advantages than can never be overlooked are

  • You can catalyze the conversion rates through live assistance.
  • In eCommerce websites, live help in shopping cart management and checking out assures better results.
  • This service can increase the effectiveness of cross-selling and up-selling techniques.
  • Availability in real-time when assistance is needed impresses your customers; this makes them more loyal.
  • You will be able to get insights about the traffic being received and customer behavior.
  • Visitor information obtained can be used for fabricating further marketing strategies

When it comes to outsourcing this support to India, plethora of choices many pop out but it’s your responsibility to make sure that you are not making futile investment.

Live chat customer services provided at WinBizSolutions

Few of our featured solutions include

  • Up selling and cross selling
  • Ecommerce website Support
  • Generating leads
  • Customer Win backs
  • Technical chat Support (Level 1.2 or 3)
  • Subscriptions
  • Handling product or shipping related queries

As a live chat solution company, we have proved our mettle and showed our worth ‘n’ times- We are among the best!

  • WinBizSolutionsIndia has great experience and is equipped with highly qualified professionals.
  • Our solutions will surely fit your pocket. We offer different packages and at most cost-effective rates
  • Chat window provided by us is customized and all the visual aspects can be tweaked based on your preference
  • Our online chat support services are available both in bilingual as well as multilingual mode.
  • We provide encrypted and highly secured connections thus preventing any type of unauthorized access
  • You get complete real-time information about the details of visitors on your website.
  • Information such as visitor location, visited pages, keywords and referrer can be helpful in strategy framing.
  • We provide support 24/7 and throughout the year

WinBizSolutionsIndia serves multiple industries that include retail, eCommerce stores, website design and hosting, real estate, software, online printing and online publishing, education, health care and insurance. We understand your niche and propose tailor-made live chat support outsourcing solutions that can really benefit your business in the best possible way.

We are successfully providing high end call center and customer support services  across time zones for customers in USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, UAE and other Middle East countries as well in India.

Instantaneously responding in real time is a skill. We are trained in the same. Achieve increase in your customer’s loyalty as well as high sales conversion through our affordable and professional live chat support.